Top diet tips for gastritis and good health

When we suffer from gastroenteritis, the best we can do is to take a diet for gastritis, which must provide us with two fundamental things. On the one hand, all the nutrients necessary to not lose strength or energy and, on the other hand, all the sufficient hydration so as not to lose liquids during the process of the disease. Diet tips for gastritis.  And it is that this, the risk of dehydration, is the biggest we face.

1) Diet tips for gastritis

What we are going to do next is to establish a basic pattern of 5 meals throughout the day that will make us fully recovered in 3 days and without hardly noticing the effects of gastroenteritis.


On this occasion, we must flee from everything that is the sweets or the proteins of the milk to make a breakfast that will be composed, of a lemon juice, which will be formed by 150 ml of water and 50 ml of natural lemon juice.   Tips for gastritis. Also, and, as we have said, in order not to lose strength, we will ingest a slice of 20 grams of ham.


2) Lunch, Diet tips for gastritis

Since the goal is not to eat more food from the account. Because at this moment our stomach can not process everything in an optimal way. It is best to take, at best, a slice of toast with a die of no more than 10 grams of fresh cheese. Tips for gastritis. In this way, we can arrive at lunchtime with something in our stomach but without giving it much time.


3) Food

The time of the meal is critical because if we do not do it well, we can fall into the temptation of eating too much and ruin the diet for gastritis. Tips for gastritis. To do this we will have to take 300 ml of carrot broth since this food is a great astringent. Then we can take some grilled turkey and, from the third day, 100 grams of chicken breast grilled and without any oil to not harm us.

4) Snack

The snack should be the time to take an apple without skin and well washed. In this way, we will be taking a good amount of vitamins. And which is without needing to take food that can go wrong. The issue of skin is important because fiber should be avoided when accelerating transit.

5) Dinner

The second most delicate time of day for a diet for acute gastritis. Therefore we will take again about 300 ml of carrot broth and combine. In this way, we avoid all possible fat that may have.



Consequently, if we follow these guidelines that we have established. There should not be any kind of problems to be recovered in 72 hours. Tips for gastritis. Of course, once that time has passed, if we are recovered, we should not start eating copiously and, if we are not, we should go to the doctor to determine if we need any kind of medication that can accelerate the healing process.