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Rules and structure for how to play American football

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Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, but if you do not know what is happening on the screen, it can be difficult to follow the game. Football has more than 100 rules but this list of Sin Embargo helps you understand how to play American football.

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How to play American football


A football game is divided into four periods called rooms. Each one lasts 15 minutes, and at halftime (between room 2 and 3) the players have 15 minutes to rest. During the Super Bowl, this time is when they do the musical shows. Because they have to stop many times during the game, a football game usually lasts about three hours.


A football team has 45 players, but they can not have more than 11 people on the court at once. What they do is that they have different teams within the team.


This team is the ones that defend the scoring line. They plug gaps, divert opposing passes, basically do anything so that the other team can neither advance nor score points.


What they want to do in advance with the ball until they reach the goal zone. The quarterback is the most important player in the offense: he decides where he will shoot the ball, and it is his responsibility to communicate that information to the rest of the team how to play American football. Some of them are positioned to catch the ball, others open holes so that others can advance, and all protect the player who has the ball so they can score points.

Field of Game, how to play American football

The field has 120 yards. Of these yards, 100 meters are the playing field and there are 10 yards in each end zone. Each team has four opportunities to try to move the ball. In order to achieve the right to keep the ball, the team has to move it at least ten yards or take the ball away. The offensive team can move where they want but the moment the ball touches the playing field, usually because there is a “fumble” or there is a tackle and the player that the ball falls to the ground, the two teams have to stop and for the next “down”, they have to start at the line of the playing field where the ball was.


There are three ways to score points in football.


This is the most common way to score points in sports. The ball has to reach the end zone, and it can arrive in two ways, or in the hands of a player who comes running, or it can be passed by a player outside the end zone and caught by a player inside. In the end zone. How to play American football A touchdown gives 6 points, and after a touchdown, the team has two options. They can try to score an extra point by kicking the ball between the posts, or they can try to score two points, with a conversion, where they basically make another play. A conversion gives them more points, but it is also more difficult, so they almost always try to score an extra point.

Field goal
Instead of trying to put a touchdown, the kicker has to put the ball between the posts. Give 3 points.

It happens if a player of the offense is stopped in his own zone of annotation. Give 2 points.


Almost all the punishments in football have to do with yards. Remember, the teams want to get as close as possible to their end zone. On that time they are punished and they take yards, it is more difficult to score points.

Holding company

When an offensive player grabs a defensive player, or when a defensive player holds an offensive player who is not carrying the ball. If it is offensive, ten yards of penalty. If it is defensive, five yards of penalty.

False Start

The false start is committed when an offensive player moves before the “snap.” Five yards of penalty.

Off side
At the exact moment of the beginning of the play, if a defensive player invades the line of scrimmage, or gets in the space of the offense, it is out of place. Five yards of punishment.

Pass interference

If a defender prevents physical contact to a receiver in receiving a pass, is punished and give the first and ten to the affected team.

Staff Foul

This is a bit more complicated, but basically when one of the players misbehaves with the other team (holds the bar of the helmet, uses excess strength, knocks down the quarterback when he no longer has the ball), they can give him 15 yards of penalty. Depending on the fault, they can also give the affected team a first down.


Football is a famous game all over the world. In America there also a famous football. On this football there a lot of rules. Without the rules the is incomplete. If you read this article then you will kn0w how to play American football.

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