Top android battery drain app, that can destroy your phone

As every year, security software publisher publishes its survey of Android applications. Today our topics is android battery drain app. This latest edition highlights the 10 most energy-hungry apps. And as you will see, there are surprises.

Android battery drain app

A smartphone is a common gadget nowadays. Everyone is used to by it. People are using this gadget for business and more work. Here we are facing some technical problem for using this gadget. But one of the biggest problems android battery drain app. We have to know about this problem. So here our presentation for you. I hope this will be helpful for you.

Android battery drain app discharges very quickly

It’s a fact the smartphones are gaining power year after year. The only downside, autonomy continues to be a problem. There are countless users forced to charge their phone several times a day. We called it an android battery drain app. And contrary to what many think the builders are not the only responsible for this state of affairs.

We show that application publishers also have their share of responsibility. After collecting anonymous data on more than 3 million Android devices, the company specializing in antivirus has established a ranking of the most demanding applications battery. First observation, messaging applications, and social networks are known to be very erratic have disappeared from the first steps of the podium. The work done by the developers and the technical improvements are certainly not foreign.

Most greedy android battery drain app

We are not going to lie the vast majority of Samsung phones are sold with a large number of preinstalled applications. We show you the android battery drain app. Although the Korean giant is making efforts to reduce this number and lighten the interface of these phones, the latter must still make progress on the quality of the tools on offer.

Applications that launch automatically and pump the entire battery

In the top four places of the ranking of the most energy-intensive applications launched automatically at the start of Android are Samsung AllShare, Samsung Security Policy Updates (the app designed to protect mobile data), Beaming Service for Samsung and ChatON (Samsung’s messaging service). It ts also android battery drain app. You will find the list of the complete classification below.

Samsung AllShare

Samsung Security Policy Updates

Beaming Service for Samsung

Samsung ChatON

Google Maps

WhatsApp Messenger



DU Battery Saver app


The list of applications launched at startup and draining the most battery

Note the 10th place of the DU Battery Saver application. A shame for an application that promises to solve the problems related to the battery and extend the autonomy of smartphones.

Applications that android battery drain app discrimination

In this new ranking of the most greedy applications launched manually by the user, the products stamped Samsung continue to truster the first places. Samsung WatchOn (an application to turn a smartphone into a universal remote control) and the Korean video editor’s Video Editor software occupy the top two spots. Next, come Netflix, Spotify, Snapchat, Clean Master and Line. Surprising as it may sound, the Clean Master cleaning app published by Chinese mobile Internet company Cheetah Mobile ranks sixth in this ranking. Rather worrisome especially when you know that this application is supposed to remove background processes to save battery.

Samsung WatchON

Samsung Video Editor




Clean Master

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Microsoft Outlook

BBC News

ES File Explorer File Manager

Android battery drain app of a smartphone

For those who are interested, you will find the complete ranking published by Avast at this address (PDF file). Here it also works just like an android battery drain app. In addition to the ranking of the most energy-consuming apps, you will also find a study of the most demanding applications in system resources and data.

How to eliminate applications that drain my battery

One of the applications installed on your smartphone is in the study published by Avast? You wonder how to get rid of it. You have to know about android battery drain app. Start by checking if there is not an equivalent app on the Play Store then get rid of this battery-consuming. Do not keep apps that you do not use. The latter occupy storage space for nothing. Same for cleaning applications or battery boosters. These often add a lot of advertising to your smartphone. Worse some pollute the phone memory and drain a lot of battery.

What to do if the app is installed by default on your Android smartphone

Some manufacturers but also operators do not hesitate to install proprietary applications. Many of them are useless and reduce the autonomy of our phones. Unfortunately, these system applications are impossible to uninstall, at least on Android devices that do not have root rights. There is, however, a little trick to get rid of apps and other gadgets installed automatically. This solution will allow you to block the operation of these applications and to make them disappear from the menus of your phone. Here you will find all the information to disable an application.