March 30, 2023

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Why Build With Wood?

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Build it with Wood is a campaign that works to increase the number of manufactured engineered hardwood products used in construction today. The advent of large (mass) wood products made by modern engineering with small pieces of wood in the form of shingles, siding, hardwood flooring, and more make building with wood feasible. Since the advent of engineered wood products with standardized parts and dimensions manufacturers have been able to mass produce lumber products to build any type of commercial and/or residential structures with standardized dimensions and parts. Residential buildings using engineered wood products are built to allow builders to use traditional or new construction methods to allow for customization when constructing a home.

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One of the main reasons to build with wood products is to create a “green” building where energy efficiency is high and the carbon footprint is low. Many countries around the world have enacted legislation that requires manufacturers and suppliers to either sell their products as “green” or put a label on their products that states that the product complies with eco-friendly policies. Green housing has become a growing trend. These policies have resulted in a shift in how builders build and structure their projects and many homeowners are now opting to live in these environmentally friendly dwellings. For a Timber Merchants Southampton, try Timbco

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Another reason why people build with timber building products is because of the durability of the products. Most types of timber can be hundreds of years old and look as good as new. Additionally, most woods used in building products are naturally renewable and sustainable.


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