Top 8 best budget gaming headset for android

It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to listen to music with good quality. Here you have 8 the best budget gaming headset for Android. Be sincere, you no longer use the phone to call almost never. In fact, probably the calls are not even the second functionality that you use the most. The phone has ceased to be a pileup that is used to call to be a portable multimedia center. And is that probably the functionality that we use most of our Android devices, whether tablets or smartphones, is the reproduction of audiovisual content. Therefore, today we bring you a list of the best headphones to enjoy all the music and videos that you can consume with the best quality.

Best budget gaming headset

Gaming is like an artificial entertainment. Today everyone likes to play the game in android with the best sound effect. So here we come with the best budget gaming headset. If you are finding for the best headset, you can be helped by reading this article.


1. Xiaomi Piston


Some may not know it yet, but the Chinese brand Xiaomi is not only good at selling mobile phones. It is one of best budget gaming headset. Among its extensive catalog of accessories for the smartphone, we find some of the most interesting headphones on the market. The Xiaomi Piston v2 has excellent construction. With a metallic body and Kevlar to cover the cable, we found a few headphones that, without a doubt, will fulfill our expectations both in sound and in durability.


2. Sony MDR-ZX310, best budget gaming headset

In the lower ranges, the Sony headphones give a very interesting result. The Japanese brand tends to take great care of the aesthetics of its headphones, but never leaves behind the quality of sound and the MDR-ZX310 are undoubtedly an example of this. You can call it the best budget gaming headset. These headphones isolate the sound but not excessively, so they are ideal for use on the street, where we may need to be somewhat aware of what surrounds us.


3. JBL E1 +

The Chinese brand OnePlus showed us with its Silver Bullet that not only had they come to make spectacular smartphones and they showed it again by allying with one of the most prestigious brands in the world of sound to create the JBL E1+. The best budget gaming headset E1 + stand out for their power in the bass and very careful design that will make us feel very comfortable with them on. Luckily, these headphones are not sold by invitation and we can buy them on their official website.


4. Pioneer SE-MJ721-T, best budget gaming headset


The Pioneer brand is another classic in the sound industry. With their SE-MJ721 they offer us some headphones that present a very balanced sound and that are perfect for electronic music. A detail that usually goes unnoticed until you try it is that these headphones have only one cable, which translates into much more convenience when using them while doing any activity.


5. Shure SE215

Probably many having read that we would go for the Beats. Well, it’s not like that. The Shure SE215 offers a sound quality similar to or even better than Beats headphones with the difference that they are a little less flashy. Its in-ear design does not stand out precisely, but when it comes to listening to music with good quality we also do not need the headphones to be especially beautiful. These headphones are very common among professionals in the world of sound so you can be sure that the product is worthwhile, despite having a price perhaps higher than many can afford.


6. Jabra Revo, best budget gaming headset


Probably some of you have gone looking for a Bluetooth headset and at this point are a bit disappointed. The truth is that finding a wireless headset at low price ranges can be complicated and, in addition, risky. The Jabra Revo are wireless headphones of excellent quality. It is also the best budget gaming headset. To link them to your phone or tablet you will only need to bring this one to the headphones and they will be linked by Bluetooth using the NFC of your device. If you do not have NFC you can always link them from the settings, which will not be a particularly hard task either. Although its price is high, the experience it offers is excellent and will make you enjoy all the content you play on your multimedia device.


7. ATH-M50X, best budget gaming headset

If you are looking for headphones that offer total isolation and bestial sound quality, from The Free Android we recommend the ATH-M50X. As you can see if you look at the reviews on Amazon, everything that is said about these headphones is positive and we confirm that the experience offered by these headphones is worth their price. Both sound quality and insulation stand out without leaving comfort behind when using them.


8. Sony MDR-EX110LP, best budget gaming headset

If, on the other hand, you are looking for in-ear headphones for a very affordable price, the most suitable ones for you are the Sony MDR-EX110LP. With an almost laughable price, they offer a very acceptable quality, with a very clear sound and quite a decent treble. Some headphones that leave behind most of its range and even some of the superior ranges.


9. Philips Fidelio M1

The Philips Fidelio M1 are some headphones that may seem expensive, it is true, but they are worth their price. With exquisite design and an outstanding finish, the Fidelio M1 will present an impressive sound quality. In addition to this, they are lightweight and very comfortable headphones, so we can use them continuously for long periods of time. We are listed it as a best budget gaming headset. From The Free Android, we highly recommend them. Once you have tried them, be assured that you will not be sorry for the purchase.


Quality audio for all audiences

There is no greater pleasure than listening to the music you like with good quality and whenever you want. In our smartphones, we can put hundreds of songs with which to live this experience, but without proper headphones, we probably can not enjoy it 100%. Luckily, having good headphones today does not mean spending hundreds of euros, since as we have seen above we can find some for very interesting prices. Even so, in these subjects the good or bad that is a product depends a lot on the perception of each one, therefore it may be that some other headphones that have not been named here seem better to you. What headphones do you recommend? Let us know in the comments