The business tasks that you can easily outsource to boost productivity

No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible for one person to do every task that running a business involves, or at least to do them properly. Also, if you are multitasking to that extent, you probably spend many hours a day working hard just to stay where you are. But it doesn’t need to be that way –with some solid strategic decisions, you could easily lighten your workload and see your business grow as a result. If this sounds too good to be true, then think again, because here we reveal how by outsourcing certain business tasks, you can boost your productivity and see your business soar.

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Not all tasks are suitable for outsourcing, as they need the devotion and insight only people on the ground can provide, but there are plenty that are, and here are more details on some of them.

Social media marketing and networking

Getting the most for social media exposure involves doing more than posting the odd update. Outsourcing to experts means the right type of posts are added at the right times, and both comments and messages are answered promptly by someone who understands your brand.

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Accounting and bookkeeping

This is an essential part of any business, but many entrepreneurs neglect it. Shift the need to devote a few hours a week keeping your books straight and dealing with VAT and employee salaries by hiring someone else to do it. Accountants and Bookkeepers will ensure the accuracy and legality of their work for you by working both methodically and strategically.  Using services from businesses like will ensure that the AML Identity verification is met and tools such as QuickBooks or Xero will keep transparency and accuracy with HMRC submissions.

Design work

Unless this is either your business focus or you have incredible artistic and design skills, it’s unlikely you will ever produce artwork good enough to use in advertising or on your website, so outsource it to those who can.

Event coordination

Whether it’s a company party or a themed conference, outsourcing to experts in the field means someone else organises everything from booking the venue, entertainment, and food to sending invites or managing ticket promotion and sales.