Amazing fashion trends for men in summer season

Fitted shirts, shorts, shoes, flowered shirts, sporty look and more. What are the keys to follow the latest trends in men’s fashion? Each season has its novelties and its classics renewed with very specific touches that differentiate it from previous years. To add to what is used, we tell you what are the keys to the “Spring Summer 2018 Men’s Fashion”. Do not miss a collection loaded with elegance between fitted shirts and dress pants, which combines sports clothing with super comfort. Fitted shirts, vibrant suits, sports shorts, elegant shoes and floral shirts are some of the suggestions that the world of fashion brings for this year for the male guild. Today our focus on the fashion trends for men.

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Fashion trends for men

The female monopoly on prints and strong colors came to an end. More and more men are encouraged to incorporate original and vibrant pieces to their wardrobes, good news for designers who want to decorate the spring-summer season with cheerful and alternative clothing.

Costumes for men

If we are going to talk about fashion 2018, we can not fail to mention a fundamental item in any man’s wardrobe: the suit. We tell you how are the trends with which you can not fail.

Of colors: the classics blue, black, gray are still the favorites but the world of fashion has other alternatives much more attractive. Red, electric blue, burgundy, olive or beige have their chance to shine in the James Bond world this season. For the more daring, there are also models with prints and paintings that remain divine.

Slim fit: this is the fitted cut that has been sweeping a few years ago and that marks the male figure very well. With a flap of another color: a way to add originality to this classic garment is to play with the tone of the lapel.

Men’s dress pants

Our outfit is not complete if we do not choose the pants cut we are going to use. The trend leads us without hesitation towards the cut tailored or “achupinado”. It stands out among the men’s fashion trousers because it is the most flattering model: a show of sophistication that stylizes and generates height sensation. It is a pant that slim and stylizes: do not miss it. If it is not your style and you prefer a less groomed look, it is better to resort to the classic gabardine trousers that are becoming more popular. The beige is preferred but you will also see a lot of color on board, blue, mustard and even green water. It is a versatile garment that fits both a barbecue and a work meeting.

Fashion shoes for men


The shoes are the last bastion of the classic style but every time there are more proposals that want to change the item. One of them is the leather or suede shoes, a hybrid between shoe and sports shoes that combines well with dress pants and is ideal for the youngest. For those who do not want to abandon the shoe itself, there are also models that combine different colors and textures to banish the classic cordon.

Clothing shirts, fashion trends for men

Checkered, with stripes, with small flowers or solid colors: the dress shirt was also reinvented. But it is not only the genre that has changed but now there is a fundamental requirement: the waist. The design has changed and it is worth paying attention to the new trends because the giant shirt no longer goes.
Fitted shirts for men: the fitted shirts, to the body, are the required resource if we want to get on the trend of men’s fashion summer 2018. The shirt does not have to be necessarily adjusted but it does have to accompany our figure. If we want to be elegant, the shirt has to mold to our body. It is the must of 2018.

Smart casual clothing for men

No matter what the occasion: dressing well is never over the top. A good summer shirt or funny shorts can make a difference.

The main sporty-chic trends of men’s fashion are:

Striking colors: fuchsia, pink, electric blue. It does not matter if we use them in swimsuits, Bermuda shorts, t-shirts or shirts … All colors are welcome in the men’s wardrobe this season. Shirts with short sleeves: the short sleeve comes back after an impasse that lasted too long and comes with everything to recover the lost ground in front of the shirt.
trends spring summer 2018 man

Hawaiian or tropical prints: yes, the flowers and the large leaves came to stay stuck in the bathing suits and the shirts. The print is a must to achieve a fresh and decontractured look.

Watches: the accessories are essential when it comes to achieving an integral style. Last year the caps were a rage among the men’s audience. This year the watch wants to be the king. There are different models, with leather or plastic meshes, that fit every lifestyle.

Glasses: they are the obligatory accessory of the heating season. And in terms of glasses for men, there are more and more options. Animate to try.

Sports Diver: The diver completely left out the classic cardigan for his comfort. This year is the ideal shelter for practical people who do not want to stop doing anything.

The summer invites to share with friends parties, barbecue, beach days and swimming pool. For that, we do not have to lose focus on the styles of the season either.

Sports shorts

It is one of the favorite clothes of the boys because it is the ideal piece for any sports activity. They are comfortable and practical, but they can also be couriers. The sports shorts stopped being the exclusive power of the fitness world and became an ideal item to go to the pool on a Saturday. There is some cotton that is tied at the waist that is well combined with slippers and a short sleeve shirt. For the coolest, there is also the long slipper version that will be the hit of winter. The sporty chic looks great for all ages: it’s fashionable and super comfortable. If you have not yet dared to explore this trend, do not miss this note on sportswear.

Men in front of the mirror

The times when the hours in front of the mirror were the patrimony of the feminine gender were exhausted. Today coquetry calls men and multiplies the products and services to feel better with their own body. There is a whole world to discover in terms of fashion for men, in clothing, footwear, and personal care. Explore the best alternatives in haircuts for men.


Fashion is good for everyone. It makes a man more smart and effective. Here we show you fashion trends for men. If you have to be a fashionable man, I think you will be helpful by reading this article.