Potential symptoms of STIs

It’s great fun to have an active sex life, there’s no question about it, but it’s also necessary to protect yourself from harm in the form of sexually transmitted infections. Nobody wants to be told of the negatives in the throes of love, so it helps to prepare ahead. You should have yourself checked by using Bexley Chlamydia Testing kits, like the ones you can get from Bexley Sexual Health,  if you have any doubts or any of the following signs.

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Modification of Vaginal Discharge

A change in your discharge can mean any number of things for women, especially during hormonal changes. But it’s the way your body interacts with you, too, that something’s wrong. A rise in vaginal discharge can cause both HPV and Chlamydia. The appearance, smell and feeling of the discharge would be affected by trichomoniasis and gonorrhoea. If you find something odd or peculiar to you, such as a change in consistency, colour, smell or quantity, then you should certainly be checked.

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Painful urination

The first sign of something being wrong is sometimes when peeing becomes uncomfortable. Chlamydia, trichomoniasis or gonorrhoea are some of the infections that may cause this symptom. Of course, it could be an infection of the urinary tract (which you’ll need to see your GP about) or dehydration, so you can certainly seek medical advice if it continues.

Overwhelming itchiness

Uncomfortable, maddening and humiliating, something needs to be done if you suffer from serious itchiness. It could be a thrush, but it could also be any of the infections listed above. Scabies, which many people don’t know can be sexually transmitted, are other things that cause itchiness. Itching can also be caused by pubic lice, also known as crabs, in your pubic hair.