Top 10 normal exercise for diabetic patient

If you are diabetic, you should not give up the exercise. Exercise, along with a healthy diet and proper medical treatment, guarantee an excellent quality of life, despite your condition of diabetes. we show you the best exercise for diabetic patient. That exercise can give you a proper benefit.

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The importance of exercise for diabetics

Sad to say, but despite the importance of exercise for diabetic patient, a high rate of patients do not practice any kind of physical activity. Maintaining an active life can make a difference in the life expectancy of a person with diabetes. The exercise puts your whole body into operation, which will improve your overall health. Moving muscles consume more glucose, which helps reduce blood sugar levels. The exercises are part of our 50 remedies for diabetes.

5 exercises for diabetics
Know 5 exercises for low impact diabetics, which you can practice regardless of the type of diabetes you suffer:


A gentle walk at least 3 times a week is one of the exercises for diabetics most suggested by doctors. Particularly for patients with type two diabetes. This activity helps to improve the heart rate.

Swimming is very good exercise for diabetic patient

It is very useful as an exercise for diabetics, because either swimming or walking in the water, it is something relaxing. In addition, as there is no pressure on the joints, you prevent injuries to the ankles, feet or knees, ideal if you are overweight. Keep reading

Stationary bicycle

This activity is very beneficial since you can burn calories and improve blood flow, especially in the legs. It also strengthens the heart and lungs. Among its advantages, you can tell that the weather does not matter since it is done in closed places and you avoid the risk of falls.

Lift weights

Weight training is one of the best exercises for diabetics. It helps to develop muscle mass, which is key to maintaining the correct blood sugar levels. It can be practiced three times a week, with 4 sets of 15 repetitions for each exercise.


Yoga is a kind of coordinated, which is done slowly but perfectly. Studies show that they promote coordination, reduce body fat, fight insulin resistance and stress. You can spend 30 minutes a day practicing yoga.

Activities that serve as exercises for diabetics
There are other activities that you can practice to improve your quality of life:

Dancing is a fun activity, reduces stress and relaxes the body and mind
Climbing or descending stairs
Take your dog for a walk
Playing and catching the energy of children
Grow a garden or garden
Wash your car or that of a friend
How often should diabetic exercises be?
That will depend on each person. Your age and medical condition are factors to take into account. But just dedicating 30 minutes a day to any physical activity that you like may be enough. You can even divide those 30 minutes into sessions of 10 minutes each.

How much intensity should diabetic exercises have?

In diabetic exercises, the correct thing to do is to go from minis to moderate intensity. For example, if you decide to walk and you can not maintain a normal conversation, perhaps you are trying hard and you should lower the intensity.


Keep in mind that any diabetic exercises that you decide to carry out, you must gradually incorporate it into your daily routine. In this way, you will get the most out of the physical activity you choose to practice. If you want to fit up your body then you have to these, because of this exercise for diabetic patient.