Tricks to know how to plant a tree in right way

They say that one of the things you must do before dying is to plant a tree. With this, you are not only helping the planet Earth but you also give yourself a moment of fullness and connection with the unforgettable nature. Not to mention when you share this activity as a family. Now, do you really know how to plant a tree or guide your children to do it well? It is not difficult, but you must take into account several aspects so that your plant or seed develops successfully and becomes a lush tree with the passing of the years. If you have doubts, we recommend you to seek the advice of an expert. We invite you to share with us in a comment how it went and what you would recommend to other people who are going to plant a tree soon.

How to plant a tree

Choose the tree you want to plant

According to the climate of the place where you live and the characteristics of the land, some trees can grow more easily than others. If you have doubts, it is best to go to a nursery to solve your doubts and see the options of trees they have. Holly, beech, chestnut, hazel, ash, maple, cherry, guayacán … there are so many options you have to fill the world with color!

Choose the place

The tree should not be planted near pipes because when it grows it could cause damage, the same if the site is next to a house. There must be a good distance between any structure and the plant. If you have a vegetable or flower garden, vegetable or fruit, do not plant the tree next to it because with time it will shade and will not allow the other plants to receive sun.

Organize the terrain and make the hole, how to plant a tree

Remove the sleeve or roots that may be in the place where you will plant the tree so they do not compete with it. The plant will need all the nutrients to grow and, when it has others around, the process can be difficult.

Then, make the hole where the tree will rest. The measurement must twice the size of the roots of the tree. For example: if they are 30 centimeters long and 25 centimeters wide, then the hole should be at least 60 cm long and 50 cm wide. Leave several meters of distance between the trees that you are going to plant so that they have enough space to develop. Are you doing well so far? Surely, planting a tree is already one of your hobbies. Keep reading

Free the plant

If the tree is in a pot or bag, remove it carefully so as not to affect the roots. Do not plant it in a container because this will prevent it from growing freely on the ground.


Accommodate the tree

Organize the tree in the place. Verify that the depth is adequate and that no root is outside the hole. If you will plant seeds and not a germinated tree, you must have patience as it grows.

Fill the hole with soil and apply fertilizer

Pour the earth into the hole making sure that it – including stones or other elements – is free, but without air spaces. Press gently and add water to moisten. How to plant a tree. If you are going to fertilize or use a nutrient, do not water the material on or around the tree. Make small holes near the base of the plant, divide the fertilizer and cover it with soil.


The tree is our good friend. Tree can save our environment. Planting tree is so much good. If you want to plant a tree, you must know how to plant a tree. and we show the exact way of planting a tree. You can be helped by reading this article. Thank You.