Three Key things all Students Should do Before Heading to University

Becoming a student and heading off to uni for the first time is an exciting step in your life, but there is also a lot of anxiety for many people – a big life change, being away from all that is familiar and setting up a new home far away for the first time are all things that are common worries amongst first year students.

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The key to dealing with these sorts of concerns is to be as prepared as possible for university life. Here are a few things that you can do to get ready for university…

Sort out where you will be living – there are a lot of accommodation options, and the key is to find the right one for you. Have a look, do some research think about what you want, and if you can speak to students who have been there a year. From apartment style accommodation like this Cheltenham student accommodation to halls of residence, there is something for everyone.

The finances of a student are notoriously difficult, and it is so important to ensure you have planned and budgeted before you go. Many students also find that getting a part time job is helpful too, to supplement their income.

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Health is important and you should have a health check up before you go with your family doctor to get anything sorted before you move away. It is also good to learn to make healthy meals beforehand so when you go you can eat well and stay healthy.