Gray parquet: 5 good reasons to choose it

A gray parquet floor is an ideal choice for all those who want refined and designed environments for their home, without sacrificing the strength and durability, characteristics of a wooden floor.

This floor will be welcoming and elegant, warm and sophisticated at the same time, regardless of the style of the house. In fact, gray is a color full of charm, which adapts very well to wood, characterizing parquet suitable for both more contemporary and more classic environments.

By choosing the right wood essence, such as oak, and the right treatment that makes the wood resistant to moisture and wears, it can be installed in any room of the house, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Furthermore, it is practically impossible not to find the right shade for your taste and environment because there are many different shades, from pearl gray parquet to anthracite, from sand gray to dove gray, including even warmer shades.

Maxi plank, plank, or strip of gray parquet: which format?

There are different sizes of gray parquet on the market.

If the arrangement of the rooms influences the direction of installation, which can be straight or diagonal, the choice of the most suitable format is closely linked not only to the size of the rooms but also to the perspective effect that you want to recreate.

Choosing a larger size means designing a floor with fewer lines than a smaller one and fewer lines will create a more essential environment closer to the minimal style.

Furthermore, in an environment where the architectures are lighter, it is also possible to insert, if desired, important or colorful furnishings.

Conversely, a floor with more lines connotes an environment architecturally more elaborate and decorated so it will be wise to choose a lighter decor.

In general, however, the maxi sizes are not suitable for small rooms.

Main parquet formats

Let’s see together which are the main parquet formats available on the market:

Gray herringbone parquet: classic shapes in a contemporary way

Characteristic for its timeless elegance, the herringbone installation represents an ideal combination of modernity and tradition and allows you to create different designs of gray parquet depending on the type of corner created between the strips.

How to combine a gray parquet

We have said that gray is a color full of charm, particularly suitable for a wooden floor for home design, whatever the desired style.

The starting point of a renovation is always to coordinate all the elements of the architectural envelope with each other to ensure the optimal success of the project.

So the floor, in this case of gray parquet, will be matched in the first place to the fixtures, doors, and windows, and to the colors of the walls. The next piece of the mosaic will then be to insert the most suitable furnishings and accessories for style and colors.

Let’s see together how to correctly match the varying shades of gray parquet.

The light gray parquet

The light gray parquet gives light and makes the space seem larger, for this reason, it is recommended above all for those environments that are not particularly large and bright, but it is really suitable everywhere.

In the renovation, it is recommended with white fixtures, while the ideal combination with the colors of the walls and furnishings is dusty blue and pale pink with some hints of blue.

It is also possible to use teal as an accent color for small furnishings or accessories if you want to give a lively and original note to your environment.

The dark gray parquet

The dark gray flooring is an ideal choice for all those who wish to add character and personality to your environment. The atmospheres that will be defined in the home by choosing this type of floor will be oriented in urban, minimal, or industrial styles.

The dove gray or sand gray parquet

If you don’t like strong contrasts and want warmer and more enveloping environments in your home without giving up a modern style, these shades of gray parquet are really for you. Furthermore, they have the characteristic of changing shades with the inclination of the light and therefore create always different and iridescent effects, highlighting the essence of the wood. Photo 18 – Iperceramica oak wood gray parquet My advice: choose these shades of woods characterized by knots, veins, and grooves to give the environment a material look. Ideal palette: white, rope, sand, beige, dove gray.