March 23, 2023

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Timber Cladding for the Modern Home.

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Oak Cladding refers to wood panels that are engineered from solid oak and are very cost effective. They give a real antique look to your building and add a lot of character and interest to the overall look and feel of a building. Wood paneling is very popular in Europe because of its inherent beauty and durability. The paneling can be used on walls and floors or in various interior applications such as cupboards, closets, wardrobes, bathrooms, etc. the possibilities are truly endless.

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Oak Cladding, like that from Timberpride from timbers of varying grains and sizes result in a durable, long lasting and structurally sound product. The oak cladding generally is produced by hand with excellent skill and is therefore extremely durable. There are many advantages of using oak cladding in your home. The material is highly durable and will stand up to high traffic and wear and tear. It is the perfect choice for use in highly demanding commercial settings as well as in domestic properties because it is one of the most commonly used materials in interior and exterior finish carpentry applications.

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The natural color of the wood provides a warm and inviting appearance to a property while the modern synthetic appearance provides an ultra modern and stylish appearance that will fit with almost any decor and setting. Oak timber cladding is generally low maintenance wood and is easy to maintain. It also give the property a rustic feel that is quite individual.

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