The most beautiful romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

In our gallery of images today we have prepared some original proposals for romantic bedrooms to inspire you. It is a very important day and you want to give it a special touch and especially to your bedroom so that the bedroom becomes an especially romantic and exciting place, but they do not know how to do it. Here we give you some romantic bedroom ideas for married couples. Creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom is important, and in most cases, it takes very little to make a room a romantic and cozy place for the couple.

Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Romantic bedrooms with bathtub

Many couples prefer to dine in romantic places or restaurants and take walks under the moonlight or plan a short honeymoon for those special days of the couple, but others prefer to celebrate their love every day and do it in their homes, for that they create intimate and sweet environments. If you also want to do this and enjoy your bedroom for a long time you will have to think about how to make it as unique and individual as possible by taking advantage of romantic, fresh and imaginative ideas.

Romantic bedrooms with curtains that surround the bed

The lighting should be dim and soft, enough to make the room full of romance and sensuality of the small lamps on the ceiling or table lamps will be the perfect touch for your bedroom. Avoid, therefore, very strong lights and chandeliers if you want a romantic bedroom. The candles can awaken sweet and intimate, away from everyday stress feelings, create a magical atmosphere and offer a super romantic look to the room. To get the best results, you can group candles in a corner of your bedroom. Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Romantic classic design

Although it may seem strange to talk about mirrors and romance, a romantic bedroom must have at least one mirror, in order to reflect the soft light of candles or lamps and give a sense of depth to the room. Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples. The bed is the cornerstone of a romantic bedroom, so it should be covered with the best silk or satin bedding that are the perfect fabrics for sheets, blankets, and pillowcases, soft, delicate and sensual. The colors should remember the warm colors of love, such as red or pink.

Light colors in the romantic bedroom

Remember that the bedroom is not simply the place where we rest. Having a romantic image is just part of what we really need in it. Let’s stop a little more in the effect of the lights. Each of the possible activities must be taken into account when we create the image that we like in the room.

Large wooden bed in the romantic bedroom

For romantic bedrooms in addition to rest, reading a book and any other need will require a special light. Simply the lighting that is useful to us. To facilitate this process we will give you other tips below. Romantic bedrooms and good lighting is a detail that simply can not be overlooked.


More ideas for large beds

romantic bedrooms bed canopy wood ideas each of the activities we mentioned are part of everyday life. If we think for example at the moment of the dream as you can imagine a warm illumination it will help us to rest better. However, this does not mean that you have to allocate everything to enlightenment at the time of sleep. The romantic bedrooms have to have a light balance for each activity.


Red furniture in the spacious bedroom

Always keep in mind that it is not simply a place to sleep. Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples. As we mentioned reading a book, relax while watching television are details that must be taken into account. When it comes to the bedroom, even dressing and organizing the wardrobes requires perfect lighting. Therefore you can not do all this with the same lighting. In the romantic bedrooms, you have to think about each moment and the perfect lighting.


Lovely bed, Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

To make the decoration look perfect remember to combine different points of light. A perfect organization must begin with general lighting. The fact of placing some spotlights that go to important points is highly functional. For example, in cases of closets or if there is a comfortable one, they are perfect points. When we have to leave it will be easy to find the necessary clothes.


Lovely wallpaper in the romantic bedroom

There are models that look great when the lighting is integrated into some pieces of furniture in the room. The drawers where clothes are organized are perhaps the best examples. It is an ideal place to find the garment that we are looking for without having to use other sources of light. The romantic bedrooms with some lights on the walls undoubtedly look elegant and welcoming.


Dedication on the bedroom wall


Several flexible models are the perfect solution for those who love reading. If we think of another activity such as cleaning, it is evident that another source of light is required. The general light should have a positive impact on activities such as cleanliness. If we want the perfect lighting for every moment or activity we propose a solution. It’s about the regulators.


Very original white bed

A simple tool that will make it easy for us to regulate the intensity of light in romantic bedrooms. It is always a solution that will allow us to manage the light at our whim. Whether to read a book or perform the cleaning we will have the perfect lighting. The so-called diffused light located on the bedside tables is another of the perfect proposals for romantic bedrooms.

According to the type of night lamp, the light that they emit has a very mild degree of intensity. As a general rule it is with them that we complete that quality and welcoming image of these environments. With these lamps a greater balance between direct lighting and other forms of light is achieved.

If you like to relax in the bedroom after a hectic day they are a good proposal. Some furniture of interest can be highlighted by locating the necessary lights next to it. The closet is perfect to do it. According to the type of piece the adequate light will highlight its finish and texture.


The bedroom is a very important part of our regular life. IT is also an important part of couple life. So today we show you the romantic bedroom ideas for married couples. If you are interested to decorate your home this article must help you.