How to make restaurant menus profitable

In our establishment, we can have different types of menus. Children’s menus, of the day, tasting, of events, healthy, thematic, etc. All of them are formed based on a set of dishes that make up a complete offer to our customers. For these restaurant menus or one of them in particular to become our best winning horse, we must follow some simple guidelines. You see, with a little time that you dedicate, your sales increase and your profitability grow. We begin by taking into account that a menu, whatever the type, is a group of dishes with a previously stipulated price, where the client will avoid surprises at the end of the account, and is usually cheaper than the consumption of the direct letter. We will bear in mind that these menus, when having a final price, tend to be compared more with the competition, so we must be moderate in the amounts to avoid losing profitability when adjusting the prices of the menu.

Tips to make profitable and attractive restaurant menus


To know what kind of menu you should do, you must first analyze your clientele. It is not the same to make menus for workers in the office building next to your business than active women who repeat in your business.
The workers of “blue collar” tend to be more sensitive to price, as well as those of “white collar” are more sensitive to the presentation and aesthetics of dishes.
Working women tend to be more careful with the Kcal, so we will have to assess the caloric content of the menu, and avoid it being heavy.


It is essential to know the dishes that you are going to put on the menu and in what way you are going to group them.
Do it for first, second, and desserts, for a simple menu of the day.
Cold, hot, first, second and dessert entries for a more executive menu
Snacks, appetizers, cold, hot starters, vegetables, rice, fish, poultry, meats, preposterous and dessert for a tasting for example
We must take into account the weight of the rations since increasing the number of dishes should decrease the sizes. We can say that the more dishes, the narrower and longer restaurant menu.
The prices to which we are going to sell them will give us the type of menu that we should opt for.


Here we must pay attention and time since our business viability may depend on these numbers.
Knowing how to adapt to the market and seasonal products, as well as the price stability of your trusted supplier, are fundamental when choosing which ingredients and elaborations will be the key to your menu.
You can facilitate the preparation of recipes with a specific cost and choose among them which are the ones that go best with your restaurant menus and type of client. Here the scandal will be your best friend, and your partner “THE CALCULATOR”.


Do not do what others do, differ. Your customers are going to compare you yes or yes, and it is essential that you distinguish yourself when doing things, and not only for the price. Quality and way of presenting are fundamental, as well as the use of traditional ingredients combined with others of less assiduity in the type of menu that you develop.
Do not always do the same, your client will end up getting tired. Customers grow and evolve their taste over time. You must be constantly “watchful eye” to detect changes in taste and consumption.


The time has come to start our menu. For this, your client must know it. Your goal will be to increase the number of customers who know you, so that the number of customers who try the menu increases, so that the repeat customer increases, and so the customer who prefers it increases before the competition.
The promotion and advertising spaces in your restaurant or bar should be well located.
The blackboard of common chalk has gone down in history, represents a previous time. You must make yourself look with a clean, clear and powerful image. It is not worth any poster. It must be in good condition, very visible, easy to understand and updated at the moment. For this, it is very positive to ask for help from advertising companies to help you achieve greater impact. It is a profitable investment.
You can also use different technologies to communicate your menus, such as social networks, youtube, mailing, your website, mail, and even restaurant search engine. This form is usually very effective aided by quality photographs and even videos of how the dishes are prepared.


At the end of the day, your menu is one of your main images and you should take care of them and keep in mind that the time you use in which your clients know is a profitable time. Make smart restaurant menus. The sale of the same will be sometimes the most profitable and the one that surely will be able to increase the benefits to you.