March 30, 2023

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Tips for Moving Home – A Must Know Guide

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When it comes to moving into one of Gloucester Park Homes like those from Park Home Life it is important to plan this as far in advance as possible. Make sure that you start to pack items as soon as possible. Then carefully tape the newspaper down with strong tape, to ensure the box will not come open during transportation. plastic wrapping, or cardboard boxes stacked upside down. For larger items like furniture or appliances, use heavy duty moving pods. Again, these are available at your local post office for moving day.

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The day of the move, get all of your boxes at home early. Arrange to meet the moving company to help with packing on moving day. Be sure to inspect all of your belongings for damages prior to loading the truck. Also, have all of your personal and business documents ready for the movers to see. Make sure the moving company provides a list of everything they will be unpacking, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that nothing is missing.

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Following these tips for moving home will make sure your move goes smoothly and you have the fewest complications possible. Remember that packing is just the first step. You want to make sure your items reach their new homes safely and quickly. Also, make sure the new home is as comfortable for you as the old one was. There is nothing worse than packing to move home and finding out the place is too hot or too cold! Enjoy moving home!


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