Getting the right flooring if you have pets

Deciding what to put on the floor of your home is difficult. There are now so many factors in what to put down it can be a bit mind-boggling. For example, do you go for the traditional standby of carpet, or do you look for another staple like Laminate Wood Flooring, such as that from Here are a few things to consider before you make your choice.

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First of all, do you have pets? Many people find that the shedding of cat and dog hair can be detrimental to their health, and if you have a carpet, it can mean that you are hoovering every other day. The same is also true if the animal has any little accident on the floor; the carpet can be stained, so you need to have a good stain remover or cleaner on standby just in case.

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This problem is reduced dramatically if you have a hard floor surface. The issue of staining remains, but it can be stopped as all you need to do is mop up any spillages and then follow this up with a soaking-up towel or training pad of some kind. Sweeping every day may also be needed if you don’t want to have a build-up of hair and fur.

The other issue with a hard floor and pets is that they can’t stabilise themselves on the flooring with their paws. This can lead to accidents.