Can Freeview channels be watched without an aerial?

Freeview provides an array of free content, but can you watch it without an aerial? That depends. In short, yes, but not in full. Many platforms and channels are available simply with an internet connection through your Freeview app, but to watch live television and get the full range of content, an aerial is a necessity.

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What is an aerial?

The aerial is a TV antenna that picks up broadcast signals sent by TV stations. There are many types available with varying quality and signal strength. Outdoor aerials are typically stronger and more reliable. These are installed on the outside of the house and you’ll need a company to do this for you. Services providing TV aerial installation Gloucester and elsewhere can advise and install.

If you can’t install an external aerial, then indoor aerials are an option but they tend to have drastically reduced reception quality. They’re easier to connect but with interference from the building and their compact size, the signal is not as strong. Don’t be tempted to put one of these outside, they’re not weatherproofed and won’t survive for long. If your signal isn’t up to scratch, specialists in TV aerial installation in Gloucester and across the country can provide help and advice.

Can I install an aerial myself?

Because of the positioning, typically on the roof of your home, this can be an extremely dangerous task. We recommend using a professional qualified in TV aerial installation in Gloucester or in other locations, not only because of the safety aspect but because they will be knowledgeable about the transmitters in your area, which aerial type will receive the best signal and how to fit and position the aerial correctly for the best result.

Is it worth it?

In most cases, yes, if you want to watch live broadcast television. You can check the channel coverage here to see what’s available at your specific location:. You can still access a number of free apps with just an internet connection and a few have live-streaming options.

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You can watch box sets and catch-up but you won’t be able to access live broadcasts beyond the players in a small number of apps. It really depends on how you want to watch television as to whether an aerial is worth it but if you want access to live television and full Freeview, it’s definitely worth considering.