March 23, 2023

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Employment Law UK Explained

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Employment Law covers all areas of employment and the relationship between employers and employees. It legally protects what an employer expects of his employees and what an employee requires of them. It also governs how employees are at workplace, their rights at work. In addition to this it is the body that decides if an employee has been unfairly dismissed. If the employer is found guilty of discrimination, there are various guidelines which can be used to fight the case and Employment Solicitors like those from Employment Law Friend can help.

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There are a large number of employment issues which fall under Employment Law UK and if you wish to file for discrimination in the workplace you will need to get advice from an Employment Law solicitor. It is important to note that Employment Law covers not only employment but also the recruitment of workers, whether a worker is hired on an individual basis or as a permanent employee. Another area of Employment Law which falls under Employment Law UK is maternity and paternity leave. These are two areas which are considered to be an economic right of workers and have to be protected by legislation. This means that if an employer fails to give workers paid maternity leave or paternity leave, or worse still denies these workers equal pay for these two very important areas, an Employment Law solicitor will step forward to help you fight your case.

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The Employment Law UK has many sections which deal with different aspects of employment and they include: general fair hiring; dismissal; dismissal for cause; dismissal for negligence; redundancy; dismissal and appeal. If you wish to know whether your employer has contravened the law then you can ask the Employment Law solicitor to draw up your contract of employment and for this they charge a fee. If however your employer has contravened the law then they will be asked to pay damages in court. You will find that the employers are very wary of going to court so as long as you are prepared to take your case to court, many employers will let you know that they have no choice but to appeal.


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