Five T-shirt styles and how to wear them

A good T-shirt is something you will find in every man’s wardrobe; after socks and underwear, it is the most commonly worn item of clothing. Casual T-shirts, smart T-shirts, even T-shirts for decorating in – we all have them. Actors such as Marlon Brando and rock stars such as Bruce Springsteen made the plain white T-shirt an iconic look, but there is so much more to this humble item. Let’s take a look at five T-shirt styles and how to wear them.

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Classic crew neck

Perhaps the most common style, and one that is worn universally by men and women, the crew neck T-shirt is characterised by its round neckline. Easy to dress up or down, wear this T-shirt with your jeans and trainers for a casual look or dress it up under a blazer for something slightly more formal. Perhaps choose a stylish brand such as mens Ralph Lauren T Shirts.

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If you are someone who likes to wear a T-shirt under a suit, the crew neck is a good option.

Scoop neck

Similar to the rounded crew neck but with a wider neckline, the scoop neck is suited to looser fitting styles and lighter fabrics. It is generally a more casual choice.


Another classic, the V-neck works on its own or under a shirt – the V means it is not visible beneath an unbuttoned shirt. This style is flattering for all shapes and sizes, with designer options such as mens Ralph Lauren T shirts available.


Also called the Y-neck, the Henley is ideal for men with more definition to their chest. The added detail of the button on the Y draw the eye to the centre of the chest, so it is a great way to attract attention to a muscular physique.


Always on-trend, graphic prints, logos and typography are a great way to add personality to your outfit. Keep it subtle and you won’t go wrong. You will find yourself reaching for this option again and again.

Once you start factoring in all the different colour, print and slogan options available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a different T-shirt for every occasion! Choose quality fabric and a good fit for the best look.