How to conduct teeth whitening with activated charcoal?

How to conduct teeth whitening with activated charcoal at home? The procedure is sufficient, we will talk about them and important advice on such a hard purification.

Activated charcoal is known in medicine for a long time, but if it is wrong to use it in the mouth, it will only do much harm. How to get a white smile and not get caries, destroying the enamel?

Properties of activated charcoal

To clean and neutralize all negative substances, coal begins only at the moment of contact with water, so the liquid is an integral part of the prescription of a whitening agent based on it. It cleans the enamel due to abrasive action, but the powder does not absorb it, but removes it from the surface of the crown, often with the enamel micro particles. For healthy teeth, this does not threaten anything, if you take breaks after the procedure.

On the cleansing properties of coal knew more beautiful women. Its pieces were pounded in mortars, and then rubbed into the teeth. To date, the composition of the tablets has changed significantly and includes not only the wood base, but also many useful organic components. The most qualitative is considered to be activated carbon, which includes the nut shell and fruit bones.

To achieve the activated charcoal teeth whitening, such a rich composition is not necessary, but for the mucosa of the mouth and gums it is very useful. The very same plaque is removed precisely thanks to the abrasive action of the tablets. It is able to wash away even the dyes of coffee and tea, which will be noticeable after only half a month of procedures.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of bleaching by this method are:

  • Cheapness;
  • Fast effect;
  • Removal of old scurf from wine, cigarettes;
  • Security;
  • Availability of tablets;
  • Simplicity of recipes.

Contraindications to the procedures

Compared with other methods of teeth whitening at home, this is considered the safest. Getting together with liquid and saliva slices of pills in the stomach will not result in negative consequences even for the child. On the oral mucosa, too, there is no adverse effect, including in the presence of small wounds.

  • Refrain from the procedures will have to people who have recently disposed of braces;
  • It is better to use it carefully for those who have sensitive teeth or who have thinned enamel on the crowns. These include caries owners, because the protective layer is already thinned, and abrasive particles only further destroy it;
  • Despite safety, it is better for children to choose another method of teeth whitening, since their natural protection at a young age is easy to destroy.

Before starting the procedure it is very important to visit the dentist. The doctor is able to properly assess the condition of the oral cavity, so if he recommends refusing to clean with coal powder, it is better to listen to his advice.