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Top 10 most successful business ideas with low investment

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In this list of low investment business ideas, we will categorize various low budget ideas, depending on your interests, knowledge, experience, and skills. We show you the business ideas with low investment. That low-cost business can make you more successful.  

Business ideas with low investment


An artist can take a raw material and turn it into art, whether it focuses on a classic aspect of art, such as making paintings of outdoor settings, a modern art, creating, for example, garbage, abstract art. It is important that just as you use your artistic side, consider the analytical side: how am I going to sell my art? It is advisable to think about the final customer, to find distribution channels for your product.


2. ARTISANAL FOOD, Business ideas with low investment

A new business is the sale of artisan food, for example, selling unique, exclusive food, or a different concept. It is true that starting a restaurant can be expensive, so business ideas with low investment, it is advisable to create a food-truck, which can reduce your fixed costs.


For people with good taste and many friendships, a low investment business idea is to offer their interior designer services. This service is based mostly on word of mouth recommendations, so it will be vital for your business to have contacts and public relations.



An easy business idea is to apply your experience and knowledge in a specific field, and offer your services to people or companies. Business ideas with low investment. For example, let’s say that you are qualified to offer specialized courses of the SAP program, necessary for medium and large companies to control their operations. In this case, it could offer SAP courses, by various means, for example by the Internet, face-to-face courses, advisory services, and consultation. If you are interested in starting your own Service Business from your own home but do not know how, I invite you to meet ACADEMY, Specialized School in Business, where you will know everything you need to open your business as soon as possible.



Another practical business idea is to use the knowledge you have of a hobby that you are passionate about and to sell products or offer a service. Business ideas with low investment.  However, you should pay attention if the hobby has enough audience or interested. A very common problem in the hobby business, for example, the sale of cars with remote control of gasoline, is that there are very few people involved in the hobby, therefore it is a business with little sales capacity.



In the event that you have a special skill in sports, I can grow your training services. For example, a profitable business idea is Zumba gyms, in which people exercise by dancing. This is a low-cost business idea because you can offer your service in a public park, at home, in a rented space, without the need to resort to expensive devices.



The profitable business unit is to put a cart or a kiosk for the sale of demand products. The most practical advice to start a business of this turn is to first detect the unmet needs of the market. For example, let’s say that we rent a kiosk in a shopping center at an attractive price. Before starting the first business idea that comes to mind, we have to study the behavior of people who visit the mall, and detect what they are looking for, what they buy or what is missing in the square.



Businesses on the Internet have become an economic model of starting a new business. Business ideas with low investment. For example, you can sell products in Mercadolibre, sell through Facebook, create your e-commerce site, use Google Maps to position your business on the Internet, etc. You can read more in this article about business opportunities on the Internet.



In the United States, garage sales are a way to get rid of things that no longer fit in the house. This is a business opportunity for those who detect high-value merchandise and buy them at low prices. After purchase, it can be sold on the Internet, in a second-hand store, in a specialty store, or in auctions that article.


10. Accounting services

Every company registered in the Treasury requires accounting management. For those enterprising accountants, this results in a business opportunity. Remember that between 85 and 90% of the total companies are small companies, this results in a large number of companies that require accounting services.



Technology is a necessary resource in any business. However, we face that there will always be problems such as failures, loss of data, lack of knowledge for the use of programs, etc. Business ideas with low investment. A business idea for engineers is to offer a technical support service, focused even on specific businesses, such as the programs used in the manufacturing industry (quality control, operations control, production control).



In the case of Mexico, we have seen increased insecurity for business. A business idea for Mexico is to offer security services, and in this turn, there are several ideas, such as personal security, installation of security equipment, surveillance equipment, external protection of facilities, a sale of protective equipment, etc.



In a more interconnected world in relation to business, there came a point at which a company can expand into international markets or take advantage of international business opportunities. For people trained in a language such as English, French, and Mandarin, there are many possibilities to offer translation services for specific drafts, such as the medical industry and legal aspects.



This business idea of little money refers to offering secretarial services remotely. Much of the work that companies do is intangible, for example, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, or financial analysis in Excel. A virtual assistant can help with these tasks, without having to be present in an office.



Babysitting is always necessary for busy parents. This results in a low investment business opportunity, for those people who can offer a level of trust for parents, and an attractive price either per hour or per day.



The worldwide generation of Baby Boomers (those born after World War II) requires specialized services for the elderly. An innovative business idea will be to develop services not only for care, but also for entertainment, education, and health-focused exclusively on the elderly.



There is the great facility for the consumer to obtain credits for consumption, such as credit cards, mortgages, and vehicle credits. In some cases, this generates a problem, mainly due to the lack of knowledge on how to manage these resources. A quick business idea for experts in finance is to offer advice and consultancy on this topic.



In the case of Mexico, if you want to manage a process, whatever it may be, from taking out building permits to the aspect of copyright protection, we usually face a difficult and complicated bureaucracy. In some way, this results in an opportunity for managers, who specialize in a specific procedure. For example, there are specialized managers to obtain credits from Infonavit, for the attention of a mortgage loan.



Generally, wealthy people do not have enough time to do their shopping. This idea refers to offering an assistance service for purchases, where you charge a commission or a monthly fee for making the purchases that the person requires.



Another service business ideas with low investment are to offer specialized construction services for remodeling. For example, there are specialized services in jacuzzi installation, that sell the product, adapt it to the conditions that the client wants, do not install and maintain it. This can be applied at a low investment level, in specific or common problems such as the installation of walls or bathrooms in a built house.



Busines is a good decision for all. If you can make a successful business, your life will be great.  Business ideas with low investment is not an easy task. if you follow our blog it can be helpful. Thank You.


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