Top 10 best drones for beginners in the world in 2018

Although the legislation is quite clear about where you can and where a drone is not allowed to fly, these gadgets have become the desired gift and with more and more options. There show the best drones for beginners in the world. If you are going to buy a drone, pay attention to our shopping guide with advice on how to choose the most suitable drone and the best models between 20 and 2500 euros.

What you should keep in mind before buying a drone
Hitting when buying a drone does not depend exclusively on our budget. We must know what type of drone and concrete model fits what we intend to achieve, as well as pay attention to the current legislation on the use of drones.

Best drones for beginners


Drone is a useful camera for photography or video. It’s also useful for security. In every movie in Hollywood, directors are using this drone for the perfect shot. Vlogger also uses this drone for their best shots. So, here we show you some best drones for beginners at the cheapest price.


What is a Drone?

These popular robots are small flying vehicles remotely controlled by an operator. For magic to happen since they use simpler controls, they can be managed on the screen of a smartphone, to more complex commands that require remote control via radio.

How does a drone work?

Even the largest of the current drones, it is a relatively small and very light vehicle. Generally, they are composed of carbon fiber, metallic materials, and very little plastic. The fiber gives strength and lightness, while the plastic is used in the points of the structure that are not crucial for the resistance of the device. The metal is in the screws, batteries, and motors. There are several drone configurations, but the most common are those that use four motors located at the ends of four axes. These small engines are small, round electric propellers that support the flight of the device and adopt the same principle that explains how helicopters fly.


Types of drones

When referring to drones, it is usual to do it as an unmanned aerial vehicle. They are the vast majority, but we must bear in mind that there is already an important catalog of terrestrial and even aquatic drones that cover mainly the entry and leisure market niche. If we refer to the aerial, the more traveled, we can differentiate between recreational drones/leisure, which we will mainly use as a flight element for pure leisure, and those that, thanks to their quality camera, could carry out tasks of taking videos and photographs at an even professional level.

Sku284493 14, best drones for beginners

Another technical but very important classification is determined by the number of drone rotors. In the entry range, it is usual to find models with four rotors, usually called quadrocopters. They are simple models, ideal to learn to fly them because they are better-controlled thanks to managed flight systems, which must be used mainly indoors. If you have never flown a drone before, you should opt for an affordable model to improve your skills and handling, then move to models that offer more benefits but are also an important investment. The most complete and advanced drones, which already admit a wider range of flight and safe flight outdoors, tend to extend the rotors to six or even eight, as well as include highly improved stabilization systems and flight management in real time, sometimes even supported in GPS positioning systems.

Important data: range, autonomy, and camera

From the technical file of a drone, you have to be very aware of what affects reach and autonomy. And if within your plans you can take photos or videos, it is not valid with any camera. The reach of a drone determines how high or how far you will be able to operate it. Most models will stop or return to the starting point when contact with the smartphone or RF remote is lost, but surely you want a model with a range that allows you more fun and flight opportunities. Even in the most affordable models that we want to fly outdoors, at least 50 meters of the range we must ensure that the experience is not limited. Best drones for beginners. If we only aspire to fly indoors, it is a minor feature. When drone flight takes you more seriously, autonomy joins the equation to get it right when you buy it. And unfortunately current drones, even professionals, do not offer a flight autonomy that leaves us satisfied. Depending on the model we can move between 10 and 30 minutes but has an average of 15 minutes with great luck. For this reason, it is very important to have spare batteries and a quality charger that allows a safe charge at the same time as quickly as possible.

Walkera F210 1, best drones for beginners

The control of the drones is usually done by means of RF controls/transmitters. Look for the compatibility of the model if you do not come one included in the drone you want to buy, and do not skimp on the budget of this element if you intend to take your hobby seriously because they will depend on a drone control more accurate, reliable and comfortable. This drone is best drones for beginners. And you can always use it with more advanced drones that you buy. The drones that are handled with the smartphone are of little scope to depend on a Wi-Fi network that they create to link with the drone, but in return, they use sensors from the smartphone to facilitate the first flights, as well as the configuration of the entire system. Currently, what usually differentiates high-end drones from those of initiation is the camera. Although there are low-cost models that include a camera, they can hardly be used for first-person flight. The drones that allow to record video or to take pictures with quality include advanced systems of stabilization based on a gimbal, cameras with quality 1080p or 4K, and even systems to fit our own cameras.

The best cheap drones: less than 50 euros

Either because you do not want to make a very large investment or because you are starting in this drone flight, there are models of drones that cost less than 50 euros and with which we can have a very affordable and valid contact so much to learn how to handle them as to decide if we want to continue with them.

Syma X5C, best drones for beginners

The king of cheap drones resists even if the years go by. The most basic Syma X5C model, which does not include a camera or remote control, costs only 30 euros. But it is advisable to opt for the version with 2 MP camera to have 720p videos and RF command for 45 euros. This drone is small, it has a system of stabilization of six axes to facilitate the handling to beginners, the autonomy of about 8 minutes and very important: countless videos and user advice throughout the network, as well as easy to find accessories and loose parts very economic.


The cheapest drone that we propose is another classic of these ranges of entry and very basic. The JJRC H20 is a very small nano drone that costs 22 euros and offers stabilized flight thanks to its 6-axis gyroscope that allows even flight outdoors if there are no strong wind conditions. Despite being very simple does not leave aside the headless mode, two flight modes and about 6 minutes of autonomy.

Hubsan X4 H107C, best drones for beginners

Available from 40 euros, the model recommended by Hubsan is the X4 H107C. It is not the latest model of the company but one that maintains an excellent value for money, robustness and 2 MP camera. It has a system of stabilization of six axes, allows turns and has a flight autonomy of 7 minutes. In Amazon, this version can be obtained for only 49 euros.

Syma X5HC

If the option of Syma you liked but you are looking for a model of the same range but more current, the 2016 version called Syma X5HC you will love. best drones for beginners. It keeps the basics of the company’s very successful model, with a 2 MP camera and six-axis stabilization, but it improves technical sections such as the range of about 100 meters depending on the environmental conditions. Sale for 50 euros in Gearbest, including headless mode and the most interesting: sustained altitude to get take advantage of the camera and video.

Drones less than 150 euros

One step above the most basic and cheap quadrocopters we have an amazing variety that includes models of Parrot very different from the usual as well as drones that allow us to even place our own cameras of the first person and make FPV flights.

Parrot Mambo

One of Parrot’s most original new drones. The Parrot Mambo has a three-axis gyroscope, has a 9-minute autonomy (with a quick 30-minute charge, which is one of its strengths) and can be operated with our smartphone (only 20 meters in range) or with an extra command (60 meters of reach). It admits load and two accessories to shoot balls or catch objects leaves for 120 euros.

JXD 510G

For those who want an initiation drone with six-axis stabilization but FPV radiofrequency flight possibilities, the JXD 510G is one of the best options for its price. For just 115 euros we have a drone with an imposing appearance, with height control mode, FPV in 5.8 GHz band and autonomy of more than 7 minutes.

Race Mario Copter

Uniting Mario, a drone and racing is an irresistible mix for the little ones. This combination is the strong point of the Carrera Mario Copter, an initiation drone for both indoor and outdoor that has a six-axis stabilization system, propeller protection that can not be removed (ideal for indoor but worse for outdoor flights), the multichannel station of 2.4 GHz and flight time of about 6 minutes. In El Corte Inglés you can get it for less than 90 euros.

Parrot Swing

Another drone different from Parrot’s hand. The Swing is the most current manufacturer, costs 139 euros including the FlyPad to place our smartphone as a screen and extend the range to 60 meters. This drone is ideal for making turns and maneuvers that mix the flight of a classic model aircraft with a quadrocopter. Its strong point is the speed of up to 30 km / h it can reach and the autopilot mode to keep the altitude constant.

XK X251

One of the best drones to start racing and flying at high speed (up to 75 km / h), especially looking at its price. In Gearbest the XK X251 can be yours for 120 euros. This drone has four brushless motors, legs and arms made of carbon fiber to combine resistance and lightweight, 6-axis gyroscope as well as the possibility of easily placing a 720p mini-camera for FPV flight.


The model that until now had no competition between low-cost drones with brushless motors is the JJRC X1. With a less striking appearance than the most recent XK, this JJRC model stands out for its autonomy, about 15 minutes in a standard manner, the aforementioned four brushless motors that are more resistant and efficient, as well as a transmitter with a range of 300 meters. You can also attach cameras for video recording and taking pictures. This “veteran” can be obtained in Gearbest for 95 euros.

Rc Drone Jjrc X1

Minidrone Parrot for flight both indoors and outdoors, with almost anecdotal VGA camera and LED lights to fly at night. The autonomy is 9 minutes and the maximum speed is almost 20 minutes. Eye because it is a drone that is controlled with the smartphone but with a very small range, only 20 meters by Bluetooth. In Amazon, you can get from 100 euros.

Drone Parrot


Drone very suitable to start on the flight thanks to its control-station with an integrated 4.3-inch screen for FPV. The camera records at 720p and has several flight modes depending on the level of the pilot and autonomy of 7 minutes. You can buy from 129 euros.

Kestrel 3
Drones less than 500 euros

We go to one of the ranges where more variety of drones we have available. This is one also best drones for beginners. For less than 500 euros we can choose drones of a higher level, indicated for users who already dominate the flight with the cheaper model, with more range and recording quality of their cameras, as well as complete racing drones.

Parrot Bebop 2 Explorer

The reference model of Parrot in drones is the Bebop 2, which offers a powerful flight, autonomy of 25 minutes and above all a high-quality camera (1080p) for both photo and video or FPV. With a maximum speed of 60 km / h, it includes practical flight modes such as tracking based on the GPS of our smartphone. Both the version with FPV glasses and the Explorer can be obtained right now for less than 500 euros. The Bebop 2 Explorer (with extra battery and transport backpack) for 470 euros and the Bebop 2 FPV for 499 euros on Amazon.

Bebop 2

Drone very complete for its price. The best is offered by its camera, with 4K recording, as well as augmented reality functions to mix flight with games on its platform. It has a flight autonomy of 20 minutes with a maximum speed of 36 km / h and an original station with 12 channels and a range of more than 1.5 km. In PC Componentes is yours for 449 euros.

Walkera Bilbao
Yuneec Breeze

One of the best known drones with 4K video camera on the market is the Yuneec Breeze, a model of quadrocopters that has its strong point in the quality of its camera and the compactness of its design, in addition to the GPS tracking mode and pre-set routes for focus on video or FPV recording rather than piloting. This is one also best drones for beginners. For the rest it is necessary to bear in mind that it is handled with a smartphone, so the scope is limited. It costs 438 euros on Amazon.

Walkera Runner 250

A classic race drone with which you can not only start in this type of category within the quadrocopters but take your hobby to another level. It is ready to fly type, so it includes all the necessary components, highlighting the flight control even at high speeds, the low weight and strength of its carbon chassis and the range of 1 km. In Amazon, you get from 250 euros, but without DEVO7 station that is recommended.

Cheerson CX-20

If you are looking for a drone that is not initiation at an unbeatable price, the Cheerson CX-20 offers features that are hard to find for less than 300 euros that Amazon costs. It has GPS to plan routes automatically and help with piloting, as well as a range of up to 300 meters and 15 minutes of autonomy. In addition, you can attach a GoPro camera or similar.

Eachine Racer 250

The second option of racing drone for little money is the Eachine Racer 250, a drone model with CC3D plate programmable by the user, good camera for FPV, carbon fiber chassis and a range of 15 minutes. In Amazon, you can get for less than 350 euros including the station.

Drones less than 1000 euros

Below the barrier of 1000 euros, we find three models of drones recommended for those who intend to focus the use of quadrocopters in the recording and creation of content.

Yuneec Q500 4K

The Yuneec Q500 is another drone very focused on the creation of content, with controlled flight and stability functions to focus on the recording of 4K video or take pictures of up to 12 MP. Of the best for this price, with a range of 400 meters for video and flight autonomy of 25 minutes. With the base station to which we can incorporate our smartphone, we have manual control of the recording, being able to take photos even in RAW. And the station with the touch screen is the most complete. In Amazon is 930 euros the set that also includes a carrying case, something highly recommended with drones of this level and price.

Parrot Bebop Skycontroller

An improved classic for video recording is the Bebop 2 with the SkyController accessory. In addition to allowing a somewhat different operation than the classic station, this Parrot drone allows you to add a tablet as a screen for FPV as well as to control the recording and taking of photos that we do and improves the range up to 2 km, of the largest among drones of this category. In Amazon, it is for 899 euros.


The most complete drones of more than 1000 euros
Skimming the professional cut, we propose four drones that cost more than 1,000 euros and that, within the consumer sector, are the best you can buy.


DJI Mavic Pro

DJI has in its drone Mavic the entry model for the consumer market and which takes advantage of the pull of its higher ranges and bordering on the professional. Its design is very careful, it is foldable and the features of this model are incredible: autonomy of 27 minutes, the maximum speed of 65 km / h but above all a 4K video recording of quality thanks to the stabilized gimbal of three axes. Its price is 1470 euros.

Parrot Disco FPV, best drones for beginners

A different idea for the high-end drone is found in the new Parrot Disc. Under a weak appearance and manufacture of tubes of carbon fiber and expanded polypropylene we found a drone quite large and close to the aeromodelling than to the drone as such and focused mainly on the immersive FPV imaging and flight with glasses thanks to its camera integrated but stabilized in three axes. To emphasize its autonomy of 45 minutes, the highest in the market. Its price is 1200 euros.

Walkera Vogager 4

The passion for aerial photography and video can be taken to the highest level with the Walkera Vogager 4. Its performance as a drone is excellent (20 minutes of flight at a speed of more than 72 km / h, and with an altitude of up to 1000 meters) but it stands out for the 4K camera stabilized with an optical zoom of 18 times. Its price is high: 2400 euros and for now with pre-booking.

DJI Phantom 4

Surely the best-known high-end drone and coveted if you have almost the 1300 euros it costs. The quality of its stabilized camera with gimbal, UHD at 60 Mbps, how easy it is to fly its anti-collision sensors or its almost half hour of effective flight with a maximum speed of 75 km / h are the main arguments for its purchase.