The best business ideas for young entrepreneurs

You do not require money to start a business idea. Think of dog walkers, assistants, announcers, or babysitters. You can start today without investing capital.

How to generate business ideas?

To generate business ideas you should only write down problems that a large number of people have every day. The easiest business opportunities to identify are your own problems and how you can solve them differently.

Virtual Assistant

I believe that this is going to be one of the most popular occupations in the future. Are you good at staying organized? You should consider working as a virtual assistant and helping other companies with operational tasks that they want to delegate.

The best thing is that you can work from home and organize your time to work in the free spaces after school or university. If you are punctual and generate good quality of work, I assure you that you will have extra income every month. Plus, if you’re good enough, you can work from anywhere in the world and offer your service to multiple companies.

Social Network Manager (community manager)

People who are engaged in this business usually have digital skills such as design, strategy, and sales. The time that people spend on social networks is increasing and companies are willing to have a permanent digital presence on these platforms.

I love this business idea for young people, since it does not require money and you can automate a large part of the process if you do not have time. Also, if you can present creative and innovative campaigns to your clients, they will hire you every month so companies don’t have time to do it.

Start by creating a strong reputation on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc.) and show your own results and then replicate it with your first clients.

Nanny Or Babysitter

The perfect business idea for those who love children. You can earn extra money by working nights and weekends taking care of couples’ children and babies. The best thing is you can run it without money and you can take advantage of free time to study or learn new skills.

If you specialize with this business idea, you can constantly increase your prices. For example, you can include the service of cooking a healthy meal for the children and helping them with their homework. Parents will love you!

Fiverr Jobs

If you have a digital skill or service, this business can help you earn quickly. Every day, millions of people look for different services such as web design, programming, operational tasks, voiceover, among others. Therefore, the Fiverr platform offers you the possibility to sell these types of services to millions of users.

I constantly hire people on Fiverr for different jobs and have had great experiences. In addition, several times I hire the same person for their punctuality and quality of work. If you start to show good results on this platform, you will have hundreds of clients in a few months.

Buy And Sell Domain Names

This is one of the simplest youth business ideas that you can work on. If you have the foresight to buy domains that may be valuable in the future (example:, you can make a fortune buying and selling these assets.

Every day more companies are going to want to have their own domain and are willing to pay large amounts of money (sometimes up to millions of dollars) to the owner. It can be a risky business but also very lucrative if you have good judgment for creative names.

Create A Youtube Channel (YouTuber)

Do you like to teach or entertain? You can use your cell phone to record videos that millions of people watch. This is one of the most popular youth business ideas in recent years and the number of subscribers they get is impressive.

Many YouTubers (YouTube content creators) earn millions every year, so there is clear potential to go from business idea to million dollar company with the right mix of content, audience, skills, relationships and time. If you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel, identify what type of content you can teach or talk about for hours.


Speaking a second language is still a great advantage in the business world. If you know another language well enough to master the grammar and spelling, translation is a great business idea without money or a lot of time.

Start by offering your service to friends or family and charge a price per translated word. Although it may take you a while at first, then you can use digital tools to automate it or hire other people to do it.

Young student entrepreneurs take advantage of this business idea, as they practice a second language and work in their spare time.


If you are interested or a student of photography, this idea for young people may be the one for you. Start by identifying the type of photos you like to work with (objects, landscapes, people, products, etc.) and show your results on social networks.

Then offer your services to businesses or upload your images to stock photography platforms like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto . Every time someone buys a photo, you will receive money in exchange for a small commission. This does not require money or time and you will be able to sell the same photo over and over again to different clients.