Should My Conservatory Roof Be Replaced?

Whether you’re planning to sell your property or simply want an extra space for relaxing, a conservatory is a fantastic investment. However, as with most things, it will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear, especially with the roof. If these aren’t addressed quickly, it can lead to major issues such as leaking.

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A leaking conservatory roof can cause significant damage to your furniture, carpets and ceilings. While you might be able to patch up leaks in the short term, a replacement roof is the only way to solve the problem for good. For Conservatory Roof Conversions Cheltenham, visit https://www.proceiling

Another big sign that you need to consider a conservatory roof replacement is excessive noise from rain or wind. If the sound of heavy rainfall or high winds is resonating throughout your home, this could mean that the polycarbonate tiles are starting to loosen. Loose tiles are a common cause of leaks, so if you’re noticing this issue, it’s important to act fast.

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Replacing your conservatory roof will turn it into a room that you can comfortably use all year round. It will also reduce the amount of heating you need to keep the room warm, with independent research showing that a solid roof can save considerably on energy bills. Plus, there are a number of different options available for solid roofs that can still allow natural light to flood into the room. For example, some roofs are self-cleaning to reduce streaks and spots, while others offer low emissivity glass that reduces glare whilst providing warmth.