When you might need a financial advisor

In life, there can be a lot of situations where financial advice can make a considerable difference. The majority of people who contact advisors do so when faced with one or more of these decisions:


Saving for / buying a house


Marriage / starting a family

Making a significant career change

Starting or running a business

Planning ahead for retirement

Taking income in retirement

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Another reason to seek financial advice may include moving overseas, divorce, putting relatives into long-term care, or situations where you may need to take out financial products, such as mortgages, insurance or pension arrangements.

How does a financial advisor help me?

A financial advisor will do more than just tell you where to put your money. The essence of the advice is to get the most from your money and help you reach your goals. So, a professional advisor will examine your overall situation, from the present situation to your future, to help you decide the best course of action to take. To do this, they use Software for financial advisers, available at a site like https://www.intelliflo.com/financial-adviser-software

An example could be that you seek advice on how to plan for your retirement, so your advisor will first discuss your retirement plans and assess the needs of income changes over time. Only then they will begin to recommend strategies and products.

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Last but not least, an independent financial advisor can find the most suitable product for you from all that is available – something that no comparison sites can do. They will also ensure that the selected product is the best possible fit for your particular circumstances.