Bringing the Natural World Into Your Home

Bringing the outside in and embracing the natural world is something that many of us are inspired by when it comes to home decoration. The natural world has a relaxing effect, and whether you love the beach, the woodlands or the meadows, taking inspiration from nature can give your home a relaxing feel, and you can enjoy the natural world even when you are indoors.

Here are some of the ways that you can incorporate nature into your home…

Colour Palettes – One of the easiest ways to take inspiration from the natural world is to have a look at the colours that you love and take inspiration from them. Natural stone colours that emulate the coast and the moors, green hues that are reminiscent of forests and fields, and of course the beautiful blues inspired by the oceans and skies at the beach on a summer’s day.

There are lots of paint colours out there that you can use to get those natural tones on your walls and you can use various shades together to create a modern or a traditional look that fits in with your own personal style.

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Materials – Natural materials look beautiful in the home, and we are seeing a trend back towards the natural materials as people turn away from sleek metallic looks. You don’t have to change all of your furniture, but you can choose key pieces that bring the natural world into your home. Go to a timber yard like this Portsmouth timber merchants where you have the choice of many types of wood to create a rustic table or set of shelves.

You can also use materials like bamboo or wicker for furniture to give it that more natural feel in various rooms.

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Fabrics – Fabrics can be nature influenced too, and also the colours and prints that you choose can also bring the theme into your home. From cushions that have a marine inspired colouring to curtains that depict floral prints or animals, this is another fantastic way to bring the natural world into your home and feel more connected to nature.

Materials like cottons and silks that are natural also help to give you that feeling, as well as being better for the environment than man made materials.