How to make your windows and doors more energy-efficient

Are your energy bills soaring and you can’t seem to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home? The answer may lie with your windows and doors, so let’s explore how to improve the energy efficiency of these to make your home warmer and more sustainable.
How to improve the energy efficiency of your windows Hereford.

If your existing windows are in good condition but lack energy efficiency, consider installing new sashes. This cost-effective solution involves replacing the movable parts of the window, such as the sashes and hardware while retaining the original frame. New sashes can incorporate modern features such as double glazing, weatherstripping and coatings, significantly improving insulation.

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What about listed buildings?

It is often not possible to add double glazing to a listed building; instead, consider adding a secondary glazing system on the interior to create an additional insulating layer without replacing the existing windows. Historic England emphasises that there should be a strong focus on repairing rather than replacing.

Use draught excluders on the windows to reduce air leakage. These can be unobtrusive and can be easily removed if necessary. Another option is to install heavy curtains or thermal blinds to keep the heat in during winter and block the sun’s heat during summer.

How to choose a supplier

Selecting the right supplier is crucial for your project; for example, if you are looking to improve your windows in Hereford, don’t forget to enquire about the supplier’s quality control processes, certifications, and compliance with industry standards. Compare prices, but don’t compromise on quality for the sake of cost savings. When trying to ensure your windows in Hereford are more energy efficient, make sure you review the company’s contracts carefully. Ensure they include all terms and conditions, delivery schedules, payment terms, and warranties.

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In conclusion, enhancing the energy efficiency of your windows and doors is a proactive step towards reducing energy costs, increasing comfort, and minimising your carbon footprint. With these measures in place, you will not only enjoy a more energy-efficient living space but also contribute to a sustainable future.