Top 15 men’s casual summer fashion

Luckily, fashion is not like a law, where custom creates jurisprudence. If there is a customary fashion, it would be necessary to sanctify the unbuttoned shirt to the navel and the sandals with socks, looks that never really made a fuss. Yach year they are repeated on the singed skin of stubborn devotees of comfortable before everything. Today our article in men’s casual summer fashion. Their styles provoke Denta in the defenders of good taste. Accepting that, unfortunately, it is impossible to eradicate the use of these garments do you imagine a panel with its crossed out icons, like one of the dogs on the beaches?

Men’s casual summer fashion

1  Shorts to go to the office

It denotes too informal and surely it will not make any grace to the boss who is dying of heat with his suit two pieces,” says Javier Ollero, creator of the blog specializing in men’s fashion Rayas y Cuadros and co-founder of Madison. Ok, what if you work in one of those offices with foosball, Google-type? Acceptable, as long as the length is the least cantos: “Slightly above the knee”, specifies. “If the person is short, a long finger to make it look taller.

2  Shoes without socks

The fashion experts do not convince them … and surely the podiatrists either. “In theory you can wear without socks,” says Carlos Primo, a journalist and fashion professor and co-author of the book Prodigiosos myrmidons: Anthology and Apology of Dandyism (2012) – but it is not always advisable, because depending on the material the foot sweats too much and the result is a sweat and some shoes drenched in sweat. The pink (the sock that only covers the sole of the foot) is a good option if it fits with the shoe model and can not be seen. Personally, I would like to take advantage of the fact that it is summer and use espadrilles, light loafers or sandals designed to wear with the barefoot.

3  Shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest, men’s casual summer fashion

Classical Spanish Celtiberian, happy to brag about chest hair. Combine with leopard swimsuit and pack of Ducados in the inguinal region. “Just as we should never button until the last neck unless it is to wear a tie or bow tie,” says David Garcia Bragado, founder of the website Dressing for the Feet, “it is not acceptable to unbutton beyond the third.” The thing works like this: “The first, always unbuttoned; the second, sometimes, according to the style of the shirt (if it is not too formal) and the moment (to go to the beach it is worth, but in the office, turbo packet it is too much); the third never. ” The nature of the shirt also influences. “If it’s good, with a quality collar, unbuttoning the second will not go unchecked, but if the shirt is bad the neck will move more than a guy alive at the fair,” he adds.

4  Turbo style swimsuit (or Speedo)

Also known as competition swimsuit, as the name suggests is designed to compete or, at least, swim. On the coasts what is said to swim, unless you are David Mecca, you swim little. And if you opt for it to get attention, you waste your time. “I know few women who are attracted to turbo packet or those shorts that look like football pants,” says Ollero, who provides alternatives to go to the beach in style this summer: “The trend is the classic swimsuit, which ends comfortably above the knee, with fun micro-prints of fruits, animals, flowers or nautical motifs. With stripes, both vertical and horizontal, are also very present this season. “

5  Shorts too short

Carlos Primo also sets the ideal length “slightly above the knee”. This the light collection for mens casual summer fashion. Wear the pants as Tom Selleck will present you as a guy with an old concept of the word sexy. “When I see a man with pants that covers less than half the thigh, the image of Jane Fonda doing aerobics or Sabrina Salerno jumping on a stage automatically comes to mind. If that’s the image you want to project, go ahead with the extremely short, “says Carlos Primo.

6  Football shirt

Disguising yourself as Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi may have some meaning within a stadium; There are those who think that it is also there. If not, why would the flea markets in the tourist areas be filled with this type of sportswear that devastates people with a very non-sporty silhouette? To the fashion expert Javier Ollero the image takes him back to when he was eight years old and strutted with Pedja Mijatovic’s shirt. “I did it because I was a kid and I was playing soccer all day. Is it necessary for you to wear it now for 30 years? “He asks.

7  Flip-flops for the city

Its push has decreased in recent years, but there are still those who climb the subway at rush hour thinking that the next stop is “Ipanema” instead of “Nuevos Ministerios”. “They are perfect,” says Javier Ollero, “but inside your sports bag to go to the pool. The asphalt differs a lot from the sand on the beach, and the smell of your feet in the subway is quite unpleasant.

8  White jeans

It evokes images of childhood, and white is justified in summer (although it does not take away more heat than black), but from there to opt for snowy jeans. “For white, better a linen cloth or wool-silk blends in breathable and fresh fabrics “, assesses García Bragado. “The white is to the light fabrics what the gray to the flannel. In any case, the best color for a cowboy is blue.

9  Fishing or pirate pants

Rafa Nadal won the final of Roland Garros in 2006 despite showing one these serpents, whose purpose has never been entirely clear (surf? Collect barnacles?). For some obscure reason, there are people who keep putting them on. For Carlos Primo, “is the black beast of summer clothing: it is as uncomfortable as long pants and as casual as a short one. It is not that the label (if such thing exists) condemns it; it is not good for anything. ” “Possibly the dodgiest piece that was created for the male wardrobe”, pokes Ollero. “The 2,000 had terrible things and it is surprising to see how there are still people who wear these pants, even with pockets on the sides. It does not matter if you are tall, short or medium, it will never favor you, “Ollero says.

10  T-shirts of groups you do not know

We know you craved the good weather to show off your Guns N’Roses or Smiths shirt, so we’re not going to cheat you. But, both in summer and the rest of the year, it is important that the name of the group in question is not mere props. “These shirts can be worn as long as you know at least hum a group song that appears on the shirt. Everything is valid if it is authentic. I bought a T-shirt from The Clash when I was fifteen, not knowing who they were, and after a week I had to get a copy of London calling to stop making a fool of myself, “evokes Carlos Primo.

11  Go linen from head to foot

We have been sold that this fabric, the linen, is like the slush: only for the summer. Leaving aside that it sometimes bites (fatal in summer), making linen a total look is not the best idea. “There are very elegant suits of this fabric,” Ollero concedes. “However, if you do not want to look like Marc Ostarcevic at an Ibizan party, I recommend you combine linen with other fabrics such as cotton or cold wool.” It transmits an image of Verhoeven quite disappointing.

12  T-shirt with a funny slogan

See stamped phrases like “Mariscos Recio” or “YouTube Delgado” is a hoot. as long as the garment is hung in a shop window. Putting it on says several things about you: 1) that you wear three-euro shirts; 2) that you are very funny, the typical bar humorous; 3) that you are a geek on TV or the Internet. Enough for people to fall apart in your path. “Wearing a shabby shirt is only valid for a bachelor party,” says Ollero. “If you carry it alone on the street, people may think you do not have friends,” he says ironically.

13  Headscarf

The handkerchief is placed in the pocket of the jacket, yes or yes, or knotted around the neck as the most elegant men of humanity did: Cary Grant, the Duke of Windsor, Bello Brummel, Agnelli, but also all men of the XVIII and until the Romans and Greeks; the classics “, says García Bragado. The bandana can be worn with four knots (model Paco Martínez Soria), a single knot back (model Steven Van Zandt, the guitarist from Springsteen), type Cacharel(only suitable for Fiestas del Pilar) or folded as a ribbon, as Nadal and Federer. And interestingly, it only looks good in the cases mentioned.

14  Sandals with socks

Sandals are used only twice: when you go from the deckchair to the shore to take a dip (so as not to burn the soles of your feet) and in the shower in public pools (so as not to catch mushrooms); and in such cases, you do not need socks. I dare to think that it is just as horrible to use a tie without them; few things I can remember worse. The socks are formal, the sandals … that’s the best holiday, “says García Bragado.

Even so, with a sock, the feet suffer less. “With the plastic flip-flops, moisture can enter and then the feet will suffer. It would be like putting your feet in a tray of water. The sandals of virgin leather that absorb sweating would be exempt, but any synthetic material requires socks, “podiatrist Daniel Guerrero told ICON.

15  Plastic clogs

Yes, those with holes that you’re thinking. “I find it absurd to wear those plastic and ergonomically ergonomic sandals with the excuse of heat when you can wear espadrilles, which are breathable, ecological, handmade and also beautiful,” says Carlos Primo.



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