Ways to promote your products

When it comes to promoting your products to your customers there are a number of things that you can do both in terms of in store marketing and online marketing as well.

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Promotions may be conducted using samples, in-store events, demonstrations, activities, workshops and interactive environments. Such events communicate marketing messages, and see successful brand awareness and sales targets being generated. Display windows in stores may be designed to bring in customers, with new designs each season. These promotions can be replicated online by having imagery and videos of the Aran Sweaters that you sell, much like  the ones available from https://www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters as well as sharing promotions with your customers perhaps through social media postings and email newsletters.

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Product Launch

Product launches may involve employing in-store promotions to stimulate demand and engender brand awareness for new items. Promotions can be designed to raise awareness, recognition and enthusiasm for products, services and brands. When looking at how to do this online you might want to set up a youtube channel where you can stream your product launches and demonstrate your products online to others.

Brand awareness means that your customers can recognise your brand by its features. Brand recall is the unassisted recall of a name in a particular product category. For example, customers may name up to seven names for a product category like ‘airlines’. Meanwhile brand recognition is the assisted recall of a name. For example, when a brand name is shown, customers can correctly recognise that the name is a brand of bottled water.