Top 15 Indian food recipe that makes you loved

One of the things I miss the most about my stays in India is their Indian food recipe: spicy, seductive and with a lot of rock and roll. In fact, as memories of my travels, I always bring all the recipes of the dishes that I liked the most, which then always help me to transport myself to that place from the kitchen of my kitchen.

Indian food recipe

India is a country with a great culinary culture and many educational and cultural norms around it, for example, there to refuse food that anyone offers is very rude, in large celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and other festivities, as a sign of respect is given to eat with the hand directly in the mouth to other diners, in the houses usually used a single dish for several people, being the pride of the grandparents that their grandchildren share the dishes with them. The Indian food recipe is part of the dowry or the gifts that are offered to the bride and groom on the day of the wedding and feeding the animals, cows, birds, monkeys, rats and other various attract good luck and good luck. The delicious and always freshly made Indian bread in its different varieties, chapati, naan or badgeri roti, must also be split only with the right hand, specifically with the thumb and heart, holding it with the ring finger and the little finger, avoiding using the index finger, which is considered the most impure of the clean hand, because it is used for pointing, scratching, etc. Not only does it seem difficult, but it is also difficult, but there is always someone around you who can help you break it without your asking, you’ll see. In addition, the Indians, in general, are very tolerant and understand that you come from a culture with different rules, therefore to comply with their education rules, it will only make them feel flattered by your interest, but there will be no problem if you do not do it.


Freshly made Chapati

India is a huge country, and of course, with a great culinary variety, being able to try different foods from when you get up until you go to bed, which I think is a really exciting part of the trip, but making it difficult to summarize just 15 dishes.
Broadly speaking, it can be said that the great difference between food from the north and south of the country is the level of high heat that has the north, not so in the south of the country, but both sides enjoy an explosion of a multitude of exotic, almost addictive flavors.


Variety of Indian food recipe

The best and cheapest way to get into that great gastronomic variety is to eat it as they do, in Thali, a large dish usually made of brass with bowls that usually have dhal, a lentil stew, a mixture of vegetables with curries like aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), paneer (a fresh cheese stewed in different ways), basmati rice , bread, curd or that , a liquid yogurt to drink sometimes with salt and cumin, and in the best even meat, usually chicken, or fish, and as dessert gulab jamun , a sweet very typical of India. The price of the thali ranges from 100 rupees the cheapest, only vegetarian, and the 750 rupees the most expensive, prepared with meat or fish.


Breakfasts in India

The breakfasts in Indian food recipe are mainly salty and spicy, although in the hotels you can always opt for Western-style breakfasts, during the trips you will need to adapt to your food, that’s why I tell you my favorite foods for this time of day and more tolerable for me. Spanish girl body that needs sweet breakfast.


Masala Dosa

This is the only dish in South India that reminds me of home. The dosa consists of a kind of thin and crunchy crepe, stuffed with potato and fried onions over low heat, exactly as in our more typical potato omelet, seasoned with some spices that enhance its flavor. It is an ideal option and does not sting anything.

Aloo Parantha

The second option that I propose is much spicier. It is a kind of chapati, a flattened wheat flour dough, mixed with potato and chopped the red onion, but much more flaky. A delicious choice.


Pakora, Indian food recipe

This snack consists of cut vegetables such as onions, cauliflower, potato, green pepper, sometimes separately, and as I like it best, all together chopped, spiced hot green chile, cilantro, cumin and dipped in a kind of flour tempura of chickpeas, to fry later. It has a really spectacular taste, especially for desert nights or train trips.



The samosas, possibly the most international Indian food, are a kind of empanadillas stuffed with potatoes, onions, peas, and other vegetables, seasoned with cumin and spicy, although we can also eat stuffed with chicken. Delicious!



This is one that I like least of the entrees presented, but really very typical. It is a cake of lentil flour, very thin and seasoned with black pepper and cumin, which is placed directly on the fire with the care that it does not burn, and the best appetizer to accompany a great Kingfisher beer.



Lentils are an essential dish for the Indians, and they can not miss any food. The recipe begins with a very chopped onion sauce with cumin, tamarind, turmeric, ginger, a pinch of the asafetida digestive, dry cilantro and ground red pepper, to which the lentils are added and left to cook. Once the lentils are tender, add cinnamon, and a little garlic and parsley mashed in a mortar. I prepare them a lot, and I assure you that you will love them.


Palak Paneer, Indian food recipe

This is one of those recipes that I prepare a lot in my house and we all love it, besides being a very original way of eating spinach, especially for the most reluctant with vegetables. My way of doing it is to make a sofrito with onion and a little bit of red tomato, mixed with turmeric, very few cumin, tamarind, dry cilantro and paprika, to which are added the previously cooked spinach, fresh cilantro and cheese, which in India is usually homemade and with buffalo milk, but here we settle for some tacos of goat cheese, since the mozzarella is rich but has a tremendously chewy texture. Spectacular!


Egg curry

If you like boiled eggs this is your perfect choice. Eggs cooked with a sauce, or gravy as they say there, with onion, garlic, peas, ginger, tomato, spicy green chile, cilantro, tamarind and garam masala, all sofrito in vegetable oil or ghee.

Tandoori Chicken, Indian food recipe

This probably becomes one of your favorite dishes, as it happens to most of us, since it is delicious, and the truth is, in a country where the diet is mainly vegetarian, protein cravings.
The tandoori chicken recipe is simple but exquisite, as the chicken is marinated for 12 hours in yogurt, lime juice, garlic, ginger, turmeric or coloring, cinnamon, cumin, cilantro, cayenne, and black pepper, then put it in the oven and get a delicious result. The chicken tikka is the version of tandoori boning.

Shrimp curry with coconut milk

Another very quick dish to prepare at home, more typical of southern India, are the prawns with curry we are talking about. To prepare them, you only have to sauté with butter, onion, garlic, and gingerly passed through the mortar, turmeric, laurel, chili and cardamom. Once the onion has browned, add lime juice, coconut milk, salt, and pepper and finish with the peeled prawns, leaving it to simmer for 4 or 5 minutes.

Lamb Biryani

The lamb biryani is a festive dish, cooked mostly by the Muslims of India when they finish Ramadan. Its a special Indian food recipe. The salted lamb is done browning in a frying pan, it is separated and it becomes a sofrito with the coriander, garlic, and ginger previously majado in the mortar and onion cut in julienne. Then add the rice, lime juice and cover with water to cook for 35 minutes until there is no liquid and the rice is soft, having incorporated chili, turmeric, bay leaves, and saffron. Before serving, garnish with hydrated raisins, cashews, and toasted almonds.

Butter Chicken, Indian food recipe

If when you are looking at a letter from a restaurant, you decide to order Butter Chicken, you have to know that it is a dish that I do not know how many degrees it would have according to the Scoville scale, but I assure you that it usually bites a lot. Butter chicken is the most famous Indian food recipe. It is prepared in different ways depending on the region and even the house, but basically, brown the chicken in a pan with butter or go directly into the oven, after marinating it with yogurt, lime, ginger, garlic, spicy red pepper, garam masala, salt and a splash of oil. To make the sauce in which you get sick of dipping bread of how rich it is, take cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, all sofrito in butter, with red chili, crushed tomato paste and a little water that is reduced, until add the chicken Once it is almost done, add fresh cream or cream to cook if you do it in Spain, and ready to serve.

Cucumber raita

In mostIndianIndian food recipe they bring some yogurt as a refresher for the spicy food they usually consume, especially in the north as we talked before, and the cucumber raita is one of those dishes, consisting of a mixture of yogurt, juice of lemon and several spices (paprika, black pepper, clove, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, etc.) to which a well-chopped raw peppered cucumber is added.

Uttapam, Indian food recipe

This exquisite southern food, little spicy, is known as Indian pizza, and I assure you it is delicious. The dough is made of lentil flour and rice flour, with ginger, and over cilantro, tomato, onion, and a little chopped green chile. Do not leave India without trying it.

Chow mein

The chow mein is a Chinese dish, but I have decided to add here, for being a star dish in all the menus, of all the restaurants you are going to go to. They are a kind of fine spaghetti, cooked and then fried with onion, green pepper, egg, chicken and soy sauce, also without a hint of spiciness.


End of the message

Anyway, whatever your choice, your lunches and dinners will end with a few grains of anise mixed with sugar, which are very digestive, which will bring you when you ask for the bill. I hope this summary helps you to enjoy Indian cuisine, and to find your favorites in this immense and varied country. If you already have a favorite dish, you can leave us a comment below.