How To Arrange A Spa At Home: Simple Procedures With Salt

With the help of sea salt, you can arrange a real spa therapy at home, which will cost three kopecks, and the result will please for a very long time.

Can I use any salt?

No. It is important to understand: cooking and sea salt are not the same, especially when it comes to self-made body and body scrubs. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Food salt (sodium chloride) we use in the kitchen. It, as a rule, is evaporated from underground salt springs or mined on salt marshes. As a result of repeated crystallization, such salt loses all useful components. The salt is 97% sodium chloride, and the remaining 3% is occupied by iodides and aluminum derivatives.

Sea salt is extracted naturally from sea water evaporated under the sun. Due to this, a large number of useful minerals are stored in its composition, therefore sea salt is highly valued both in cooking and in cosmetology. The composition of sea salt includes up to 84 minerals, which are necessary for the human body.  Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Himalayan Salt

Even if you do not understand anything in organic, you probably heard about Himalayan salt. It is called “pink gold” for its unusual color and exceptional rarity – salt is mined in a single place, in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is considered to be the cleanest in the world since it represents the remains of the ancient ocean, which was spreading on the site of the Himalayas about 250 million years ago.

In the Himalayan salt contains about 85 useful trace elements, but most of all – iron oxide, due to which the salt has an unusual pink color.

Epsom Salt

This is not food salt at all, but magnesium sulfate, which is mined in mineral springs in England. Its name was given in honor of the English city of Epsom, where it was produced for the first time. Epsom salt is best suited for medical procedures: baths and masks. Due to the magnesium content, the Epsom salt effectively purifies the body of harmful substances.

Use Of Salt

Unlike table salt, which causes dehydration of the body, sea salt acts exactly the opposite: strengthening the protective barrier of the skin, it helps to retain moisture. Due to the presence in the sodium hyaluronate, which is the basis of the main moisturizing component of cosmetic products – hyaluronic acid, sea salt is able to maintain the water balance in the norm and even moisturize the skin.

So, sea salt from the Dead Sea is hygroscopic, that is, it is capable of attracting water. Therefore, being on your skin, it moistens it.

Do not believe me? Try to make a bath with sea salt and sit in it for half an hour. You will notice that the skin on your fingertips does not wrinkle, as it usually does after a long stay in the water.

Cosmetologists note the activity of sea salt in the fight against signs of aging. With age, the cellular metabolism slows down. Magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, which are contained in sea salt, can strengthen the protective functions of the skin, restore cellular communication and, as a result, give a signal in time to change the metabolism. Therefore, whenever possible, use creams that include these trace elements or sea salt.

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