how to whiten teeth at home in 7 days

It is a pleasure to receive you on this web that I created especially for you, that like me, you want to show off that white, bright and healthy smile. Do not worry, here I will tell you my story and I will reveal the only method that really worked for me. I created this blog, to share my tips and advice on how to whiten teeth fast, safe, and effective from home. I hope my experience can help other people suffering from the same problem that I suffered. During my adolescence, I did not care much my teeth as I do now, and that’s got to be some stains yellow and inclusive. That’s why I would like to share my testimony with you and tell you how to solve that problem that bothered me so much. Here I will reveal the method I use to whiten teeth in just 7 days and for ALWAYS!! Yes, I know. I did not believe it at first either. 

Learn how I managed to whiten teeth in 7 days!!

How to whiten the teeth

Home Remedies for teeth whitening
As you already know there are many ways to whiten teeth in the market today. That’s why I want to tell you about the most practiced in the area of dentistry. Of course, there are many more, keep reading to know them all.


2 popular ways are to whiten teeth today

We all want to have a splendid smile. That is why we often undergo various treatments to achieve it. Today, many people spend large sums of money just to show whiter teeth. From non-invasive methods to the known dental veneers. Everything is worth to show off that perfect smile. One of the most chosen methods to clarify the color of the teeth is the famous teeth whitening. It can be done without damaging the tooth surface. However, this white color will be opaque with time; Only the color will be clearer as we continue to perform regular maintenance. Only a small number of people naturally have white and shiny teeth. As we grow, our teeth become more opaque and yellowish. Without counting the stains that are caused. Drinks, some foods, coffee, tea, and red wine can cause our teeth to stain or become damaged over time. Smoking is another cause of the yellowing of the teeth. In addition, there are bacteria that are generated in the small spaces between the teeth that absorb pigments and these cause discoloration and spots below the surface. That is why it is always essential to perform proper oral hygiene between 3 to 4 times a day.

1. Conventional whitening                                     

This is the most popular method of teeth whitening. For many years dentists recommended it in most cases. A gel or rubber is placed to protect the soft tissue. Afterward, a special tray that adapts to the mouth will be used as a rubber shield to apply the whitening product on the teeth. Oxygen penetrates the enamel of the teeth while the active elements in the teeth whitening product, such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, decompose. As a result, this lightens the color of the teeth and will look brighter. It takes about three to four weeks to complete the particular treatment. At least three visits to the dentist should be made for those who wish to carry out this treatment. The dentist will make an oral protection and take a picture of it during your first visit. It is recommended to apply the teeth whitening product regularly and continuously for four weeks in the home, for at least 30 minutes each time. In general, those popular and excellent teeth whitening products can be applied for a few hours at a time. You can do the treatment while you sleep. If everything goes well in a month or maybe less, you can have good results.

2. Laser whitening

This is also known as “power whitening”. Many people, especially artists, still prefer this method and believe that this is the best method to whiten teeth, although it is quite expensive. A rubber dam is placed over the teeth to protect the gums during the process. After that, the whitening product is applied on the teeth. The chemical will be activated by the use of a laser. The laser light will help stimulate the chemical reaction of the bleaching product and accelerate the color change process. Laser whitening can make your teeth up to four times brighter. Therefore, dentists believe that their result is better compared to other methods of whitening. However, not all patients are indicated for this treatment. It is always necessary to obtain a diagnosis by the professional before starting with this laser treatment. Each session takes about an hour. In general, the result of this whitening treatment can last up to two years. Anyway, it still depends on the patient. The dentist will recommend not smoking, drinking and eating foods that can pigment the teeth. After the treatment, dental sensitivity is experienced, and depending on the patient the intensity. However, these symptoms will usually disappear after a few days. Conventional whitening and laser whitening are the two popular methods and suggested by many people to whiten the teeth available so far. The result of these two treatments in most patients is worthwhile, although it is very expensive. And there are no guarantees that it works for all cases. You will definitely have a perfect and charming smile after undergoing these treatments. The value ranges between 300 and 1000 dollars or its equivalent in Euros. It depends on the clinic and the professional who does it.

10 Effective Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening Naturally

How to whiten the teeth with baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate                
When brushing your teeth you can put some baking soda and water in the toothpaste. You must perform the procedure once a week to obtain better results. But no more since it could damage the teeth.

Banana peel                                                                   

Take a piece of banana skin and with the inside clean your teeth in a circular motion. Do this every day and within two weeks you should see a clear improvement in the color of your teeth. Simple and effective

Bay leaves

The dried or powdered bay leaves mixed with orange peel are very good when you try to whiten your teeth. Just rub the mixture on your teeth and rinse well.

Bar soap

Although he does not know too well, he actually does his job well. If you brush your teeth regularly with an unscented soap, not only will it make your pearly whites shine, but it will also remove more plaque and tartar than with ordinary toothpaste.


This tip on strawberries is probably one of the most attractive. What you should do here is make strawberries until you make a paste, rub on your teeth, leave on for 5 minutes (if you can resist not eating the pasta) and finally brush and rinse.

Healthier diet

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Reduce fast and processed foods. Do not smoke or abuse the drinks that stain your teeth. Added to good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist will give whiter teeth with fewer carries.

Eat Spinach
Eating raw spinach, although it may not be attractive to many people, will help eliminate tooth stains, as this food favors teeth whitening.

Orange peel

Using the orange peel to whiten the teeth works more or less in the same line as the above-mentioned banana peel. Therefore, simply rub the peel on your teeth in a circular motion to obtain white and shiny teeth.


Rub sage leaves on your teeth, clean them, remove stains and improve your breath. However, be careful not to squeeze too much on your lips, as in some people it may irritate them.

Take more water

Drinking water regularly, especially after meals, will definitely help in the teeth whitening process. Because when drinking water, the mouth is rinsed and some of the stains that the food leaves behind are eliminated.

Remember that to have a healthy and white smile that lasts over time, it is necessary to perform these procedures regularly. In addition to periodically visit the dentist and brush your teeth after each meal. There are many methods available that can help you too. But remember that most of the treatments on the market are expensive and can damage your teeth. So, ideally, always consult a dentist you trust before performing a tooth whitening procedure.

Tips for teeth whitening at home

Another option that is widely used is bleach strips kits. But to experiment with them remember that you must be careful and follow certain steps. Because if you do it wrong, you can spoil the enamel of your teeth or create gum problems. Ideally, before you buy them, consult a dentist specialized in aesthetics and whitening. The first ever, evaluate your mouth and see if you qualify for this particular treatment. Always keep in mind that not all treatments work for everyone. But if you still want to do it here I detail the steps and some tips.

Read carefully the instructions that the package brings. Before applying them, brush your teeth well, and wait 30 minutes to apply them. Take a moment to see exactly in which jaw goes each strip. Apply the strips trying to cover the entire surface of the tooth. Tip: If you can dry your teeth with a paper before applying them, it will enhance the bleaching effect. Let them act as long as the instructions say. No more! since you could really ruin the enamel. Tip: Remain fa to up and leave your mouth a little open, so you avoid excess salivation interfere with the process. Remove the strips. Tip: Try to rinse your mouth, and brush your teeth very well to remove traces of gel. Repeat the steps as many times as necessary until you reach the target you want. Keep in mind that these processes take time, so always remember to be patient. Abusing the strips will not make your teeth whiten faster. But as you know, it can make matters worse. There are many brands of whitening strips as well as different prices. If you want to know which is the best you can try two or three different brands and realize.

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What you must not do:

During the period that you use the strips, remember that your enamel will be more prone to staining, therefore you should avoid certain foods such as red wine, cola, beet, carrot, etc. Be extremely careful when using the product. Since it contains in the gel hydrogen peroxide that if you swallow it could hurt you. Listen to your body. If you notice that you begin to have extreme sensitivity to certain foods or your gums bleed when brushing, I advise you to discontinue the use. Take care of your teeth with good oral hygiene. Since the whitening is temporary, and if you do not take care of your teeth in a few months you will have them the same.

The 3 Best Teeth Whitening Secrets

It is common today to see how the famous ones shine bright white smiles that almost everyone would like to have. As is already known, most resort to the use of very high-cost treatments, difficult to pay for the common people. But, what not everyone knows is that we can get very similar results with some very effective and easy to make home remedies. Consume fruits and vegetables whose nutrients help keep our teeth white, such as: carrots, apples, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, and spinach. Reduce tobacco consumption. As with some foods and beverages, tobacco is the main cause of this problem, therefore you should try to reduce your consumption or avoid it. Drink plenty of water to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and help maintain the production of saliva. It will always be better to prevent stains and discoloration than to act after these are already lodged in the teeth.
How to whiten the teeth with home remedies?
There are some home remedies that can help. Below we can find a selection of them with products present in our home:

Aloe vera:

This is a plant that has multiple benefits, one of them is this, and the procedure to follow is as simple as rubbing the gel inside the leaves on the teeth every time brushing is done.

Activated carbon:

This is another product with multiple qualities, can be obtained in pharmacies or stores of natural products. The way to use it is very simple, we only have to brush the teeth with the charcoal powder (finely crush it in the case of having acquired them in tablets) let stand a few minutes and then rinse well.

How to whiten teeth with baking soda?
When we try to whiten teeth we should know that baking soda is one of the most powerful bleaches and the most commonly used to maintain a perfect smile, however it should not be exceeded in its use since it is also abrasive and at the same time clarifies, It can wear the enamel, so it should be used taking the necessary precautions and in moderation.

There are different forms of use; These are some of them:

Bicarbonate + toothpaste: You just have to add it to the daily toothpaste, or a little bit of baking so you can then proceed with brushing.

Bicarbonate + hydrogen peroxide: In this case yo,u should take a tablespoon of baking soda, one of hydrogen peroxide and another of running water and brush the teeth for 2 minutes.

Bicarbonate + Lemon: Mix the baking soda with lemon juice until you get a paste that will be used to brush your teeth. Rinse with plenty of water afterward.

Bicarbonate + water: Dilute the product with a little water to make a paste with which you brush your teeth as usual. Tip: You can also add a tablespoon to a glass of water to use as a mouthwash.



Over the years, the teeth change their tone inevitably due to the use we make of them. Using these natural remedies from time to time will be a great help to keep the desired color. Minimizing the impact of daily wear depends to a great extent also on oral hygiene habits, which are very important and should be a high priority in the daily routine. Always keep in mind that the proper care of your teeth added to the available home methods will contribute to that you have that smile that you so desire.