The benefits of having a fitted wardrobe

The opportunities that fitted wardrobes give a bedroom are endless, and with a bedroom being the main room you want to feel comfortable and maximise space in it is important that you choose structures that compliment the space.

Design and instalment from a Fitted wardrobes company will give high quality and long-lasting results. It will be made of strong and durable materials, unlike flat packed do-it-yourself models, with most having a guarantee of up to a lifetime.

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As well as creating a reliable product, fitted wardrobe companies can create a unique design that is individual to you and your space. In a consultation, you could choose from thousands of colour combinations, patterns and materials that will suit you and your vision.

Flat-packed wardrobe units can often look out of place and create piles of clutter, therefore why not choose the individualised route? For example, you may think that soft sliding doors will fit your aesthetic, or you may choose a minimalist route and pick a colour that blends into your wallpaper. Aesthetically, well-designed wardrobes can also bring in a lot more natural light with open designs, incorporating mirrors and lights that will help brighten up your space and make it feel bigger.

The practicality of a wardrobe that is fitted means that the main aim of the design is to maximise closet space. The design will focus on shelves and angles that you can fit the most clothes in, without the awkward and cluttered look of your simple standing wardrobe. There will also most likely be considered space for different clothing items such as a shoe rack, a place for hangers and some draws for smaller garments.

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Although the property value may not be on your mind when reinventing or designing your new bedroom, a fitted wardrobe can help increase your property value more than you might think. Because they are seen as luxury features, they can help your home stand out in a crowded market as being unique and practical too.

One thing to keep in mind before installation is the permanency of the feature. Rushing into the design and placement is not worth it, as you cannot move the feature like you can a free-standing wardrobe. However, once you are set on the details, a fitted wardrobe is absolutely a worthy long-term investment for the comfort and aesthetics of your home –  a convenient solution to a messy problem!