Top 10 hair cream that will make your hair thick and long

Of course, hair extensions are one of the easiest solutions, but it’s not the least expensive. Especially since summer is coming, it’s not really ideal for everyone to walk around with thick, heavy hair clipped onto the scalp. Make your hair thick and long. So if you are looking for instant and cheap solutions, well this article is for you! Here are 10 ways to have thicker hair.

Make your hair thick and long

Everyone likes beautiful thick and long hair. But hair does not suit every people for different reason. So, if you want to make your hair thin and long you have to do some different types of care.


Oh yeah, you read it well. Shorter hair can actually make your hair bigger. Having great long hair is not always the most appropriate style because this same hair can pull the roots down and look flat and formless.



Applying dry shampoo to your roots before going to bed allows you to let the product work longer while removing its white particles. Thus, it has time to absorb all the unwanted moisture and oil that tend to make your hair dull and thin. The hair is clean and bulkier. This tips for make your hair thin and long. Know that you do not have to have dirty hair to use this product.


DRY UPSIDE DOWN to make your hair thin and long

It’s known, drying your hair upside down can help give more volume to your blow dry. This method works for the simple reason that it sets your roots vertically. Remember to use a thermal protective spray before using your hair dryer because a large amount of heat makes hair frizzy and dull.



Foam is a great way to give more structure to fine and/or flat hair. There are different types of hair mousse, foams for curls, foams / smoothing creams but also foams to give volume. This tips for make your hair thin and long. On wet hair, make a nut of foam on your palm and spread evenly on the ends of your hair. Comb your hair and then crush the tips up. This tips for make your hair thin and long. Wait until the product has completely penetrated before starting to dry.


AVOID OIL-BASED PRODUCTS for make your hair thick and long

It is true that oil-based hair products offer several benefits for hair like shine and nutrition. But this type of product can make your hair heavy and very greasy. This option is, therefore, more suitable for thick, curly and frizzy hair because it helps to tame the hair, but for those with fine hair, it is important to focus on water-based products.



You’ve probably seen pictures of your mother or your grandmother with crepe hair like in the 80s. But if you have fine, flat hair, you should perhaps take a look at it! Creping your hair with a comb may not be the healthiest solution for your hair, but it can easily and instantly get volume. Make your hair thick and long. You can also extend the volume gained by this trick by applying hairspray on the creped part of your hair. Be sure to do this before ironing with a crepe brush.



It may sound a bit crazy, but if you fill the holes in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder, why not fill your roots too? Make your hair thick and long. When one has fine hair or one loses one’s hair, one can see small holes in the hair. If you have time, choose an eyeshadow or eyebrow powder that matches the color of your roots. Apply it on your scalp to make an optical effect and to make believe that you have more hair in some places. You can also use this trick along with your roots.


DEGRADE damaged hair

Above you were offered to cut your hair to give volume to your hair. But if you do not want to touch the length of your hair, you can also ask your hairdresser to thin them. This will make them lighter and it will look bigger.



If you naturally have straight, thin hair, you can easily add volume and shape through your hair with texturizing products such as wax, pasta or sprays. Always be careful when using these products because over-use can make your hair brittle, dry and frizzy. Make your hair thick and long. To avoid chemical damage, always use a care when washing your hair.



This technique is relatively simple and effective. Since most of us have kept the line on the same side for years and that can make hair flat. By getting in the habit of always being in the same position, they grow in the same direction and lose their natural volume. By reversing the direction of your hair from time to time, this can instantly give your roots a voluminous effect.

Hair Product for repair hair

Well, for the moment, they seem far away but, rest assured, you will find yourself faster than expected under the sun and heat. You have already thought of everything, your beauty kit is ready to go, your suitcase has the only board. Unfortunately for you, at the level of your hair, nothing goes. It’s limited to CA-TA-STRO-PHE! Make your hair thick and long. Indeed, your hair is brittle, dehydrated, weakened and extremely damaged, certainly because of your bad beauty habits – too much hair straightener or curling, coloring or even unsuitable care – which seriously damage your lengths. Your spikes are dull and forked to the point that you hesitate to cut them to find a beautiful and harmonious hair. Do not make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser, there are other ways to restore their vitality, strength for healthy hair.



Why do we crack? This moisturizing and nourishing shampoo is ideal for long, brittle, dry and damaged hair. Composed mainly of bamboo, which is known to regenerate, strengthen and soothe the scalp, you will see a real difference when styling your hair. They will be smoother, soft and shiny. The Shampoo Cream Bamboo Pith also feels very good.


Why do we crack? Make your hair thick and long. This super nourishing mask with coconut and figs restores dry and damaged hair. It promises to improve the texture and shine of your hair in just 10 minutes. The tips will be treated, the frizz is tamed and the scalp hydrated. The plus is that you will feel the coconut throughout the day. Like A Virgin is definitely a must-have for your vanity.



Why do we crack? With a synergy of active ingredients composed of 5 nutritious oils, this mask is committed to nourishing and revitalizing the scalp. Your hair will be long and beautiful from the first use. The amla oil will boost the hair volume, the coconut oil will sublimate the hair, the bhringraj oil will strengthen them and those of kapoor kachli and sesame will make them thicker and silky. The Ayurvedic Mask is perfect.



Why do we crack? This detangling shampoo removes the look and feels of damaged hair by giving it a flowing style and natural movement. Make your hair thick and long. It is formulated with Omega-3 rich Inchi oil perfect for damaged hair. He promises amazing results. The plus is that it does not discolor hair. Full Repair promises neat and shiny hair at any time of the day.



Why do we crack? This shampoo infused with six light oils is multi-tasking and moisturizing since it instantly transforms dry, rough, and frizzy hair into soft, smooth, silky and untangling hair. It delicately tames the scalp to sublimate it. It is unconditionally a shampoo perfect for damaged hair. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil is waiting for you.



Why do we crack? Make this mask enriched with shea butter once a week to find hair permanently repaired and revitalized. He wants to be the best on the market for damaged and damaged hair. Triple Rx Mask is just magic. To try it is to adopt it. The little trick: let it sit all night for a breathtaking result.



Why do we crack? With its gourmet and unctuous texture, this expert mask offers you a hair that is clearly disciplined, more supple and durable shiny. Enriched with shea butter and coconut oil to intensely nourish your hair and relax the hair fiber, Expert Nutrition + tames the hair. He wants to be unforgettable and timeless.


8- OGX – COCONUT MILK SHAMPOO make your hair thick and long

Why do we crack? This shampoo with coconut and egg white is perfect to find hair resistant and hydrated permanently. Make your hair thick and long. The creamy, foaming and moisturizing formula of Coconut Milk Shampoo leaves your hair clean, shiny, softly scented and super soft. Its objective: to unravel, wash but especially to nourish and moisturize the hair instantly.



Why do we crack? This intensive weekly mask is excellent for restoring hydration to the scalp and improving strength and strength of hair. You will immediately find a dynamism in the hair. Do not Despair, Repair! will make your hair significantly softer, repaired and healthier.



Why do we crack? This shampoo repairs and very effectively strengthens damaged hair. He takes care of the scalp deep to heal the hair from the inside. Make your hair thick and long. The surface of your hair will be smooth from the first use. Damage Remedy Restructuring Treatment is without a doubt miracle.