Various types of dance forms around the world

Dance is the only art. We ourselves are the material from which it is made. The most authentic expression of a people is in their dance and in their music. So here is the list types of dance forms all over the world.

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Types of dance forms

Hip Hop dance

Hip-hop is an artistic street movement that covers certain areas: music like rap, dance, where different styles come in, and certain types of painting such as graffiti. ms. This trend emerged in the 60s in the most popular neighborhoods of New York, the United States, by Latino or African-American groups. But in the middle of 1980, this culture crossed the borders and it expanded by the world arriving at European, African and Asian countries. At the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s hip-hop had its “golden age or age”, it was called that because its techniques were totally innovated, it enjoyed diversity, it was based on the quality of those who created it and had great influence especially on young people who felt marginalized by society. and entered this street environment where they learned the concept of group and related to people who had common characteristics.

Belly Dancing, types of dance forms

The name Belly Dance was first used in the 19th century by Europeans who traveled to exotic countries in search of new cultures, customs, and landscapes. These travelers coined this term surprised by the movements of belly and hip that did not exist in European dances.

We have to distinguish between the Raks Sharki (Oriental Dance) and the Raks Baladi (Dance of the People). The ballad called is a more elemental dance, practically without displacements and with predominant hip movements. The raks sharks are more refined and rich. It includes movements of Egyptian folklore, classical dance.


Salsa dance

Salsa is one of the most popular Latin social dances. It is danced to the music of the same name. It’s a couple dance, but you can dance alone. It was created by Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and other Hispanic Americans. His steps have African and European influences.Origin of the sauce
The term salsa as a musical genre and dance became popular in New York in the late 1960s.

At first, this term referred to a great variety of rhythms with African roots from the Hispanic Caribbean. The sauce is the result of the fusion of all these Afro-Caribbean rhythms. The main influence of salsa is the Cuban son, from which he inherited his rhythmic pattern. Also, the sauce has an influence of the mambo, the chachachá, the guaracha, the rumba, the bomba, the plea and the meringue.


Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing refers to a set of associated dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively in the world. Its aspects of performance and entertainment are also widely enjoyed in theater, film, and television. this is another types of dance forms.


Tap dance

Tap is a form of dance that is characterized by a sound that has been created from metal plates.  That metal plates are attached to both the ball and the heel of the dancer’s shoe. These metal plates, when hit against a hard surface, create a percussion sound and as such, the dancers consider themselves musicians.


Bhangra dance

The Bhangra dance is a types of dance forms northern India and southern Pakistan; from a region called Punjab, which shares its culture between both nations. It is an alternative, not only cultural but also to be able to control the stress generated by the various daily activities.



Break-dance incorporates many types of movements that can vary compared to the imagination of a switch and athleticism allows it. The inventory of dance movements break-is very broadly, and there are competitions around the world.


Irish dance

Originally from Ireland, this interesting dance is usually done in groups. But when performed due to a dance solo, it is generally characterized by a stiff. Upper body and fast, precise movements of the feet.

Line dance

An online dance is dance choreography with a repeated sequence. In which a group of people dances in one or more lines or rows without taking into account. The sex of the individuals, all in the same direction and execution of the measures at the same time.


Dance is one kind of entertainment. Everybody like a dance. Here are so many different types of dance in the world. In this article, you can know about some famous dance.