How to quickly whiten your teeth without harm at home?

quickly whiten your teeth

Today I will talk about how to whiten your teeth at home. We all want our teeth to be white and beautiful. Why did I touch on this topic? I noticed that my daughter’s teeth are slightly yellow, I began to look for what can be whitened at home teeth, and of course, so that without harm.

quickly whiten your teeth

I found some recipes on how to whiten my teeth, for example, I knew how to whiten my teeth with soda, as I often blew my teeth at adolescence, after watching the programs about Hollywood smile of stars. But, I found more recipes, we will apply, well, at the same time I decided to share interesting recipes with you. Also, if you have recipes with which you can whiten your teeth and so that without harm, then share them in the comments.

How to whiten teeth with soda and hydrogen peroxide?

In order to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide with ordinary soda, just dial one teaspoon of soda, drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% into it. This mixture should be applied to the toothbrush and cleaned with teeth.

You can add this paste to a portion of your usual toothpaste, which you brush your teeth in the morning. The procedure can be performed several times a week. When to wait for the effect? It is noticeable already from the first application. But, use everything carefully and carefully.

How to whiten your teeth with lemon?

Lemon is very useful for health, for the beauty of the face, useful for colds and other diseases. Also, lemon is used to whiten tooth enamel at home quickly and efficiently.

The whole point is that the lemon contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C, that is, ascorbic acid, and the lemon peel still contains essential oils.

In order to whiten teeth enough to brush your teeth and rub them with a slice of lemon, you can rub it with a piece of lemon peel.

Lemon juice adds a portion of toothpaste, which you usually brush your teeth. Whiten teeth with lemon a lot once a week. But, abusing the procedure is not at all, once a week will be enough. Keep reading

How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal?

What is not used for teeth whitening, even activated charcoal is used. I bleached only with soda and peroxide, with other methods I do not know, did not try to apply them.

So, a tablet of activated charcoal should be crushed into powder, apply activated charcoal powder for teeth with a cotton pad to rub your teeth. You can sprinkle a powder portion of toothpaste, which you usually clean your teeth. Rinse mouth with water after the procedure.

This procedure is certainly not fast, after a few weeks only you can see the result. Apply coal several times a week.

How to whiten teeth with tea tree oil?

It is clear that tea tree oil for teeth whitening should be used only natural 100%. In order to clean the oral cavity of the yellow plaque, first, you need to brush your teeth with toothpaste. Next, a couple of droplets drip onto the brushed oil and brush your teeth.

Minus procedures are that during cleaning, your cheeks may become numb, well, of course, the gum and tongue. After the procedure, rinse your mouth with warm water very carefully. The oil is well bleached with a yellow coating.

Also, teeth whitening with fine salt. Bleach mixing it with both soda and peroxide, but I’ll tell you honestly, I have not tried it. Of course, we all want to bleach without damage to our teeth, but even seemingly ordinary soda and that can do harm. And the procedure of whitening, whatever it is, you must do with great care not to damage the enamel of the teeth and gum.