Top 10 tips to decorate living room perfectly

The room is an extremely versatile room. In it, we spent good times with family and friends, whether to enjoy a good conversation, listen to music, play with children or even to spend some time alone reading a good book. That is why it is important to decorate living room very carefully. The elements that make this space, a cozy and functional place, giving it a good distribution, combining materials and accessories, such as paintings, photographs, carpets, and why not? We can also install a fireplace to give you more warmth, the possibilities are endless!



1. Fireplaces

The chimneys add a unique warmth to any space, in a room, they are ideal because they encourage coexistence by providing a sense of warmth and comfort to the home. Decorate living room. We present a design that makes the dream of having a fireplace at home come true since it does not need a specific installation; with placing it on the coffee table, it becomes the protagonist of the space, thanks to the simplicity of its lines and its harmonious contrast.

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2. Sofas and armchair for decorating the living room

Of the first aspects that we must take into account for a cozy room, are the sofas and armchairs, since these will carry the weight of keeping us comfortable in a space that is intended for the coexistence between family and friends. The furniture should be comfortable and at the same time tasteful, so the option of placing a leather room can be a good investment. This type of furniture combines with almost all decorative styles, they are elegant and have a long period of life. You may also like


3. Carpets

You can create wonderful environments by placing a rug or a rug. Its an important part to decorate living room.  They are a great touch of decoration and add warmth to the home. You can play with its texture, and with the patterns taking care always that they combine with the armchairs and cushions. For example, if you want to create a cozy atmosphere, the hair rugs like the one that Streif Haus shows us in this design, are the option to give that feeling of serenity. A carpet or rug, you can be very useful to divide the environments of the house.


4. Cushions

If sofas in your living room are white, or some other neutral tone, add cushions in a different fabric and colors, you can also use different sizes. Eye: if you have prints in curtains or walls, try to find harmonious designs between them, since the cushions will stamp a personality stamp to your room. Bococo in a neutral style, gives an outstanding touch to the space with cushions, playing with the textures of the wall and floor, achieving an original and fresh mix.


5. Blinds or curtains

Curtains or blinds are another points to take into account when decorating the living room of our house, with them we will cover our windows so we must choose carefully the materials with which we want to make them. The choice of designs must maintain a perfect harmony with the rest of the decoration to ensure the success of the space.A practical and light option for this important step is the blinds; There are a variety of designs, they are practical and hygienic because their cleaning is very easy to achieve.


6. Lamps

Lighting is always the most important thing in any room you are going to decorate; Having a natural light source is ideal. Distribute several types of lamps, in one corner you can put a floor to create a greater light effect, you can also place some smaller tables. If you choose to paint a wall darker than the rest, light it directly, which will make it look more spacious; the light will make everything look clean and tidy as it shows.


7. Original walls

The walls, like the ceilings, are the perfect canvas for decoration; By coating the walls of your living room, you can achieve spectacular effects. One way to achieve this without having to invest large amounts of money or having to do large works inside the house, is a tapestry, thanks to the variety and originality of designs you can find, you can give a spectacular appearance to space. Papeles Pintados, has this brick wall style wallpaper option, the effect that gives texture and volume, without a doubt an excellent option for a total change.


8. Art

Undoubtedly, the art in the room must be present, either through pictures or photographs, the art pieces are a key element for the decoration of these environments. The works should go according to the style of your furniture and the space you have available so that a harmonious dialogue can be maintained in the space. Concept Architecture Workshop gives the touch of color to the room with this modern style picture; the setting, in general, is warm and elegant, using outstanding details such as candles, cushions and its great source of natural light.


9. Mirrors

A mirror will give a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity to the singular space. If you place it near a window, you can obtain very interesting effects through its reflection; the choice of your frame will give you a special person so you should choose it carefully so that it matches with the rest of the decoration. Natural Light Design Studio presents a room full of light, where the mirror helps to magnify this light effect by making an elegant and sophisticated space.


10. Flowers and candles

Plants and flowers are an element that should not be missing in the decoration of your room; with its presence, the environment acquires life instantaneously, in addition to providing a sensation of relaxation and purifying the environment. Decorate living roo. With the flowers, you add a subtle fragrance to space, if you have a favorite, it will become the touch that distinguishes your room and your guests will remember you every time you smell that smell.